Bang & Olufsen fills your bookcase with a striking new speaker

Bang & Olufsen is an audio brand known not only for its high audio quality speaker but also for its unique designs. The company today announced the new Beosound Emerge, immediately showing what it means.

The new speaker, which you can purchase for € 749, has been given a design that can best be compared to a book. Perhaps quite expensive, but it is, in any case, a very nice filling for the bookcase!

Beosound Emerge: designed like a book

It is clear that Bang & Olufsen again shows what it is good at with this speaker. With the Beosound Emerge, the company was clearly inspired by a product that could already be found in the bookcase. The speaker is very similar to a book, but instead of a good story, it offers a whole range of great functionalities. Something that turns the speaker into a good story.Bang & Olufsen

Sleek design (Image: Bang & Olufsen)

The Beosound Emerge is an addition to the Beosound Level. The speaker appeared in February and looked a lot like an old VCR. To continue the trend, Bang & Olufsen called in London’s Layer and collaborated with founder Benjamin Hubert on this striking product. A design that not only had to be minimalist but also had to have a premium look in many areas. The Beosound Emerge is made of materials such as oak, knitted fabric and aluminum.

Due to the minimalist design, this premium speaker can be used in any living room. Although designing it was of course not the greatest challenge. Delivering a compact speaker with high-quality sound and interesting functionalities was the real challenge.What else does Bang & Olufsen offer you

Now it looks like a router… (Image: Bang & Olufsen)

What else does Bang & Olufsen offer you?

Whether Bang & Olufsen actually succeeded, we only know when we have actually tried the Beosound Emerge. Although it seems on paper that the company has succeeded with flying colors. The speaker contains a driver designed by the company that provides a “full-range sound experience”. This setup consists of a 37mm mid-range driver, a 14mm tweeter and a 100mm woofer that pumps the sound out of the sides of the speaker.

Furthermore, the Beosound Emerge is equipped with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast support, microphones for Google Assistant and the well-known Beolink. Bang & Olufsen’s technology ensures that speakers can play music in multiple rooms at the same time.In the kitchen

In the kitchen (Image: Bang & Olufsen)

From April 15, the Besound Emerge will be for sale in two different variants: Gold Tone and Black Anthracite. The first has a retail price of € 749 and the second can be purchased for € 599. More information? Then be sure to check the B&O website!

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