10 Best Smartwatches For Women – 2021

Best Smartwatches For Women. A smartwatch does more than just indicate the time. It works as an extension of your phone and serves as a personal assistant, health coach and travel guide. These gadgets are slowly becoming an indispensable part of our lives.

The earlier smartwatches for women were bulky, boring, and by no means stylish. As time went on, smartwatch manufacturing companies began to combine utility and style and came up with sleek designs with great features. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best smartwatches for women, what features to look for, and a buying guide. Look.

Smartwatches can perform a variety of tasks – from location tracking to tracking heart rate and sleep habits to counting steps while walking. They are compatible with various apps.

What can a smartwatch do?

While the functions and features of smartwatches vary widely depending on the brand, manufacturer, model, and other factors, some of the common features you’ll find in most smartwatches include:

  • GPS: GPS and navigation aids in tracking locations and sending alerts. This feature can help mountaineers and hikers set a location and follow their routes. It also helps keep track of the distances traveled while walking or running.
  • Notifications: There are different types of notifications in a smartwatch. When your smartwatch is connected to the smartphone, it pushes notifications in the form of text messages, emails or alerts.
  • Media Control: Smartwatches connected to phones can control media playback. You can switch tracks, control audio and much more with this feature.
  • Fitness and activity tracking: You can measure and track your activities and fitness goals with smartwatches. These wearable devices can track heart rate or pulse, distance traveled while jogging, calories burned during activities, etc.

How Does A Smartwatch Work?

All smartwatches come with rechargeable batteries and have special operating systems. For example, several smartwatches use Tizen, a Linux-based operating system. Wear OS, previously known as Android wear by Google, and watchOS in Apple smartwatches are other common operating systems.

10 best smartwatches for women

What features should you consider when buying the best smartwatch for women?

  • OS and Device Compatibility: Since you need to connect the smartwatch to your phone, it is important that the device is compatible with your phone. For example, the Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR smartwatch is compatible with Android and iPhones, but may not work well with other operating systems.
  • Heart rate and GPS: Features such as heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and calorie counters are useful and help you monitor your well-being. GPS and odometer help you know how much distance you have traveled. Look for these features on your smartwatch.
  • Battery life and charging: A smartwatch cannot run on a battery, and longer battery life is what you need when hiking or mountain climbing. If you go out often, choose one with very good battery life for uninterrupted support. Also check how long it takes to charge the battery.

These are the 10 best smartwatches for women.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Check out Series 6 sport band 40 mm GPS and mobile

Measure the oxygen level in your blood. Take an EKG anytime, anywhere. And easily view your fitness data on the improved Always-On Retina display. The future of health is on your wrist.Apple Watch Series 6 color

2. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is a stylish durable military-grade wearable device with interchangeable bands. The screen design is classic, but you can rotate the bezel to view other screens. Many people consider this the best smartwatch for women due to its many features and functions. You can do almost anything and enjoy the same benefits as a smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

The US version of the smartwatch has built-in Samsung Pay. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and send and receive text messages and make calls. Rotate the bezel to move to other screens and view notifications or adjust the status window. Connect the watch to a Bluetooth headset to play or listen to music.

You can also connect it remotely if no Bluetooth connection is available. For text messages, you can speak or type with the watch keyboard. In addition, you can set your smartwatch to different modes: theater mode or sleep mode. The watch is waterproof. Select “water lock mode” to protect it from possible damage and choose “eject water” to remove accumulated water from the speaker. It comes with a Samsung Health app that tracks your sleep habits, heart rate, steps and many other fitness parameters.

Display functions
  • Touch screen
  • 40 mm round dial
  • Embedded stones on the watch strap
  • Water-resistant
Special characteristics
  • Wireless charger
  • Samsung Health app that tracks heart rate, steps, sleep pattern, exercise
  • Samsung Pay
  • Remote connection in the absence of Bluetooth
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Water seal system
  • Voice input
  • Notices
  • Music apps
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Make and receive calls
  • Both speech and keyboard input along with handwriting mode
  • Send SOS requests in case of an emergency
  • Read and send emails
  • PPT control to help you control a slideshow remotely
  • View and manage images
  • Scratch-resistant with Corning Gorilla Glass DX +
  • Not suitable for diving.

3. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

Are you looking for an affordable but high-quality smartwatch for women? Go for the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch from Huami that gives you the feeling of an expensive smartwatch with its improved functions.Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

This device is a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other occasion. It helps you stay up to date with social media posts, track daily activities and receive notifications about incoming calls and texts. The optical heart rate sensor makes it easy to track your heart rate while you walk, run or exercise.

It comes with automatic activity tracking and keeps you informed of the calories you have burned and the steps you have taken. The smartwatch is also suitable for GPS.

Display functions
  • Touch screen
  • Scratch-resistant screen protected by Corning Gorilla glass
  • Color LCD
  • Water and dustproof
Special characteristics
  • GPS
  • Sleep monitor
  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • 45 days of battery life
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Set daily fitness goals
  • View achievements
  • Track your heart rate and sleep patterns
  • Check notifications about social media, calls and texts
  • Receive weather reports
  • Ultra-lightweight

4. SkyGrand Updated version Smartwatch

If you want to buy a smartwatch that is affordable and offers some of the best features, go for this one. This SkyGrand smartwatch is compatible with all smartphones and operating systems.SkyGrand Updated version Smartwatch

With advanced technology, this smartwatch monitors heart rate and sleep patterns and analyzes data for sleep quality. It supports 14 sports modes and accurately records data from all-day activities, such as distances traveled per day, calories, steps, and so on. You also get regular features that other expensive smartwatches offer, such as social media notifications and call and text notifications.

The battery life is unbeatable. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 15 to 30 days depending on usage. Buy this if you’re looking for the best Android smartwatch for women.

Display functions
  • LCD color screen
  • Touchscreen and digital display
  • Square, waterproof dial
Special characteristics
  • Real-time heart rate measurement
  • Activities track throughout the day – number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled
  • Sleep monitor
  • Period reminder
  • Compatible with the main types of smartphones with different operating systems
  • Excellent battery life

5. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna stainless samples touch screen smartwatch

Smartwatches are one of the most sought-after timepieces in terms of style and technology. The Gen 5 Julianna 44mm smartwatch is packed with endless latest technology trends to make your life easier. You can also make a style statement with the stone-embedded ring and band. There are other designs for the minimalists.Fossil Gen 5

The design is sleek and simple and the functions are easy to use. The screen is waterproof (up to 30m) and supported by Wear OS by Google. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna smartwatch is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones.

It provides social media notifications, text messages and calls. It comes with a more efficient heart rate monitor and Google Pay built-in. Moreover, you can also use the speaker in the watch, thanks to Google Assistant.

Display functions
  • 44 mm touchscreen
  • Swimproof
  • Stone dial
  • Custom watch face
Special characteristics
  • Built-in Google Pay and Google Assistant
  • GPS
  • Comes with a speaker and microphone
  • Improved heart rate monitor
  • Music control functionality
  • 8 GB storage space and 1 GB RAM memory capacity
  • Smart battery modes to save battery
  • Better and improved heart rate monitor
  • Built-in Google Pay
  • Has Google Assistant
  • Can wear it while swimming
  • Outgoing and incoming phone calls and text messages

6. Yamay 020 Smartwatch

If you like Apple’s smartwatch but are on a tight budget, give this smartwatch from Yamay a try. In fact, many buyers have recommended this product over other expensive brands and models.Yamay 020 Smartwatch

By pushing the bezels to the bezel, just like Apple Watches, this Yamay 020 Smartwatch has created more space to accommodate a large screen with an unrestricted view. The watch case is made of anodized aluminum. The battery lasts approximately 7 to 10 days when fully charged and provides uninterrupted service. It allows you to track your heart rate, sleeping habits, activities and much more. It has an LCD touchscreen.

It automatically detects steps, calories and other factors that we often ignore but play an important role in keeping us healthy. Yamay 020 smartwatch is equipped with GPS tracking system and also has health management apps for women. Connect it to an Android phone or an iPhone and receive notifications on the smartwatch.

Display functions
  • Rectangular display
  • Water-resistant
  • 3 ″ TFT LCD color screen
Special characteristics
  • Female health tracker with reminders
  • Sleep tracker
  • Fitness tracker
  • GPS
  • Automatic adjustment of the screen brightness
  • Big screen
  • Can receive notifications about calls, texts and social media channels
  • Longer battery life (lasts 7 to 10 days)
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be worn while swimming

Apple Watch Series 4

Sleek looks, minimal design and a smooth finish – that’s the Apple Watch in a nutshell. This smartwatch is powered by Apple WatchOS. It has been redesigned and redesigned to provide a better experience.Apple Watch Series 4

The design has pushed the edges towards the edge, leaving more room for the screen and display. Apple Watch Series 4 comes with an emergency SOS function and fall detection. Soon, users will also have access to ECG (electrical heart rate sensor), which will track and send notifications about high heart rate and irregular rhythm.

Apart from these features, you can use the watch for activity tracking. The best part is the cell service. You can use this smartwatch as a standalone device when away from your iPhone and connect it to WiFi. You can call, text, receive and do almost anything you can with a phone.

Display functions
  • LTPO OLED Retina display
  • Bigger screen
  • Ion-X reinforced glass
Special characteristics
  • Emergency SOS
  • Fall detection
  • Automatic training detection with speed warnings
  • Heart rate monitor with alerts
  • Activity tracker
  • High resolution and large screen
  • Highly advanced wellness tracking
  • Superior quality digital crown with haptic feedback
  • Compatible with previous Apple Watch bands
  • Superfast operation with 64-bit dual-core processor
  • Built-in mobile phone so you can call and text
  • Control of media and music
  • Stand-alone smartwatch

8. Garmin Vívomove HR hybrid smartwatch

If you like the classic analog watch design with minimal on-screen notifications, this hybrid model from Garmin is best for you. This unisex smartwatch comes with a discreet display. It is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS. Connect this device to your smartphone and use features such as call notifications, reminders and text messages.Garmin Vívomove HR hybrid smartwatch

Garmin Vivomove HR comes with a ton of wellness monitoring tools such as a heart rate monitor, all-day stress tracker, relaxation timer, sleep monitor with REM sleep, in addition to steps, distance and calorie counting.

It comes in both premium and sports models and has stainless steel bezels. The premium version has a stainless steel case, while the sports version has a polymer case. This is by far the best Garmin smartwatch for women.

Display functions
  • Touch screen and a discreet display
  • Night-readable display
  • Round dial
Special characteristics
  • Wellness monitoring tools such as VO2 max and fitness age
  • Heart rate measurement on the wrist with minutes of intensive training
  • Sleep tracker with REM sleep
  • Relaxation timer
  • Shows steps, distance and calories
  • Hybrid smartwatch
  • Excellent battery life (5 days in smart mode, 2 extra weeks in watch mode)
  • 5 ATM
  • Music control

9. Fossil Ladies Gen 4 Venture stainless samples touchscreen smartwatch

This smartwatch is the perfect combination of style and technology. It has a 40mm touchscreen and built-in Google Assistant and is compatible with a variety of apps, including third-party apps. The smartwatch works on Wear OS and easily connects to Android phones and iPhones.Fossil Ladies Gen 4 Venture stainless samples touchscreen smartwatch

You can track heart rate and activities with Google Fit. For easy checkout, you can use this smartwatch for payment thanks to Google Pay integration. Some other notable ones include calendar management, LED flashlight, media/music storage and control, custom goal setting, weather updates and time zone settings.

It has interchangeable straps. The battery lasts about 24 hours, but you can extend it for another two days if you switch to low-power mode. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is encased in stainless steel and is swim resistant.

Display functions
  • 40 mm round dial, encased in stainless steel
  • Touch screen
  • Swim-proof up to 30 meters
  • Classic design
Special characteristics
  • Built-in Google Pay
  • GPS and barometric altimeter
  • LED flashlight
  • Built-in Google Fit
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • Notices and Warnings
  • Customizable screen
  • Weather updates
  • Stopwatch and alarm
  • Wireless sync
  • Social Media Updates
  • Can view and reply to incoming text messages
  • Can make calls with Google Assistant
  • Comes with a lot of useful sensors
  • Has a microphone
  • Allows users to set the time zone

10. Michael Kors Access to Sofie Smartwatch with touchscreen

This model from Michael Kors is a glamorous smartwatch that uses the latest technology to give you the best experience. This 42mm touchscreen smartwatch is encased in stainless steel, which makes it durable. The round dial offers a clear view and is decorated with embedded stones on the bezel.Michael Kors Access to Sofie Smartwatch with touchscreen

It is compatible with Android OS and iOS. The Michael Kors Access Sofie model has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. It comes with various features such as notifications and alerts, fitness tracking, and media controls. The multiple display faces and interchangeable straps make it easier to adjust to your liking.

Display functions
  • Analog and digital display with touchscreen
  • Round dial
  • Crystal clear display
  • Stone embedded watch bezel
Special characteristics
  • App notifications
  • Email alerts
  • Notifications via social media
  • Media control
  • Water repellent
  • 1 ATM, so not ideal for swimming.

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