How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription: this is how you do it

Ready with Spotify Premium? Fortunately, you cancel your subscription in no time. In this tip we explain how it works.

Cancel Spotify Premium: this is how it works

For a certain amount per month you can listen to unlimited music on Spotify. You can create playlists, listen to songs offline and no ads in between. For 9.99 euros per month you have a normal Spotify Premium subscription, but with a Family subscription you pay 14.99 euros for up to six people.

Do you listen to less music than you thought, or don’t you mind the ads in between? Then it is possible to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. This is how you do it:

  1. Open the Spotify account page in your browser;
  2. Log in and choose ‘change subscription’;
  3. The different subscriptions are described here. Scroll down and tap ‘Cancel Premium’ under Spotify;
  4. Confirm your choice by tapping ‘Yes, cancel’.

Cancel Spotify PremiumIt is of course also possible to change your subscription to a different type in the same menu, such as a student subscription. But please note: if you cancel a student subscription, you cannot create a new student account for 12 months. This is because the music service then has to re-verify that you are a student.

Cancel Spotify by letter

If you are unable to find a solution, it is also possible to cancel your subscription by email. Fill in the sample form and return the document to It may take a few days before you receive an answer from customer service.

More about Spotify

Are you not satisfied with the music streaming service? Spotify is busy with innovations to make the app more user-friendly. Recently Spotify also renewed the app and the home screen has been adjusted. The music service also added new features, such as the possibility to jointly create a playlist.

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