CarKey shows up again in iOS, official presentation seems close

CarKey is now really coming. Apple’s solution to unlock your car with only an iPhone or Apple Watch pops up again in iOS. The release of CarKey may take place next week.

CarKey release nearby, privacy conditions known

The German site iPhone ticker ran into the privacy terms of CarKey in iOS 13.5.1. This document is also present in iOS 13.6 , which is currently only available to beta users. The document mainly explains the legal side of Apple’s concept for virtual car keys, but also discusses the practical side.

carkey-release-wwdc-2020Wallet allows you to add and share car keys for certain vehicles, the document said. “You add a car key by logging in to your car manufacturer, or by entering a pairing code in the Wallet app. This proves that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. ”

Once you have added the car key to the Wallet app, your phone will send a one-time code to Apple for verification. The document does not make clear which car manufacturers will support CarKey. We are also in the dark regarding release date. However, since the privacy terms can be found in iOS 13.5.1 , it seems plausible that CarKey will not be long in coming.

We expect this from CarKey

CarKey is a new feature that allows you to unlock your car via an iPhone or Apple Watch. NFC is used for this, a wireless technology that we know from Apple Pay . This allows you to wirelessly unlock, start and drive a car by keeping your iPhone or Watch close to your four-wheeler.carkey release

You can also share the virtual car keys via the Wallet app, for example with your partner. Because CarKey needs nfc, your car must also have this technology. In previous screenshots a picture of the BMW i8 surfaced. So it seems plausible that Apple is at least working with the German car manufacturer.

Presentation next week?

We hope to hear more about CarKey on June 22. Then WWDC 2020 will take place. At 19:00, the keynote in which Apple will unveil iOS 14, the new version of the iPhone software. The Tech largest editors are then ready to report on the latest news.

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