Why you shouldn’t buy the cheapest iMac M1

More than a month ago, Apple released the new iMac M1. It is available in a number of cool colors and always has a 24-inch screen and Apple’s M1 processor. The difference between the cheap iMac M1 and the slightly more expensive version is only in the amount of storage. However? No, there are a number of reasons why you should always choose the slightly more expensive version.

Cheap iMac M1 vs. the more expensive

When you buy the new iMac, you always get a great computer at home. That may be clear. And yet the slightly more expensive version of the iMac is just that bit more awesome than its cheaper brother. The main differences are clearly indicated by Apple itself. The cheaper version has 256 GB storage, the more expensive 512 GB. You also get a slightly stripped-down version of the M1 chip, with 7 instead of 8 GPU cores. However, that difference is hardly noticeable. At the back, the more expensive version has two additional USB-C connections, and the power supply is integrated into an Ethernet connection for wired internet. Finally, you have the choice between more colors. They are all ‘nice to have features, but not necessarily a reason to spend so much more money.iMac Colorful design

Better cooling in the more expensive iMac M1

Outweighs, in our opinion, another difference between the two iMac models. During the traditional ‘teardown’ of iFixit, it was revealed that the two iMacs have a different design on the inside. This mainly concerns the cooling of the M1 chip. The cheap iMac has a fan to dissipate heat and a so-called heatsink. This is a cooling element that sits on the processor, which itself heats up and dissipates heat. The more expensive iMac, on the other hand, has two fans and a heat pipe. Such a pipe really ‘transports’ the heat away from the processor and therefore works much more efficiently. In short, the cooling of the more expensive model is significantly better.

Do you notice the better cooling?

For everyday tasks, such as browsing, emailing, typing and a bit of image editing, you won’t really notice the poorer cooling of the base iMac M1. The processor is only temporarily loaded and never really gets hot. On the other hand, if you are gaming or exporting a long movie, the processor will be loaded at 100% for a longer period of time. It gets hot and eventually has to slow down when it gets too hot. With better cooling, it takes longer for the processor to get too hot. And that is where the biggest difference lies between the two iMacs. For most people, the cheap iMac is still a great choice, but do you want to edit movies and play games? Then better choose the more expensive version.

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