Official: OnePlus will release ‘cheap’ smartphones again

OnePlus is working on at least one cheap smartphone and wants to release it in Europe, among other things. That confirms director Pete Lau in an interview, in which he also says that OnePlus will soon launch products in new categories.

New OnePlus devices

The manufacturer will make an announcement “ soon ” for India to clarify its new strategy, Lau said in a conversation with Fast Company. Expect ‘cheaper’ products in ‘new categories’, intended to create an ecosystem of connected devices.New OnePlus devices

Lau doesn’t want to say anything about what products OnePlus is going to make, but recent rumors point to a set of wireless earbuds similar to the AirPods Pro. OnePlus already sells wireless earbuds with a neckband, backpacks, a smart TV, and of course smartphones.

Cheap OnePlus smartphone on the way

The first smartphone, the OnePlus One from 2014, cost 269 euros and had a razor-sharp price-quality ratio. The new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro start at 699 and 899 euros respectively and are therefore almost as expensive as the direct competition. Not everyone can or wants to pay that much money for a smartphone and OnePlus seems to understand that too.

Lau says that affordable devices mean more people are getting financial access to an OnePlus device, which is exactly what the manufacturer wants. There is therefore a cheaper smartphone in development. Lau doesn’t provide more details, but he seems to be targeting the previously leaked OnePlus Z – previously known as the OnePlus 8 Lite. According to the rumor mill, the device will receive 5G support, a 90Hz screen and the OnePlus Z will appear in July. An earlier leak claims that the smartphone will cost 400 British pounds, converted 458 euros.

New strategy

Cheap OnePlus smartphone 2020The announcement of a renewed strategy comes at an interesting time. OnePlus recently fired dozens of employees in countries such as England, France, and Germany. According to the manufacturer because of a ‘normal restructuring’, while multiple media based on anonymous sources write that OnePlus wants to focus less on countries where it sells few smartphones.

Statistics from comparison websites and Google indicate that the OnePlus 7, 7T, and 8 series are less popular in many European countries than the OnePlus 6 series. OnePlus does not share sales figures. It is clear that the manufacturer wants to win (back) users by launching a cheaper smartphone soon.

Source: Fast Company

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