iOS 14 has been in the hands of security researchers, hackers and websites for months

Security researchers, hackers, and websites may have had access to an early version of iOS 14 since at least February. There have been many iOS 14 leaks based on this version in recent months.

Early version of iOS 14 in circulation

The iOS 14 update appears to be no longer a secret for many people. According to Vice, an early version of the software has been floating around the internet for months. With this, Apple’s big update is circulating about hackers, security researchers, and websites.Early version of iOS 14

It’s common for details about an iOS update to leak in the months before Apple officially releases it. On the other hand, it is very unusual for a full pre-release iOS version to spread across the Internet months before launch. This may be the first time this has happened so far in advance.

More about iOS 14

As a result, we already know a number of things about the upcoming major update. For example, it recently came out that Apple will use special QR codes for a new AR app. Furthermore, iOS 14 probably makes it possible to use apps without installing them. To learn more, read this article with our expectations for the update.

In previous years, Apple shared the first beta of a new iOS version at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This is probably no different this year. WWDC will start on June 22 in a few weeks and will be in the form of an online event this year.

Apple usually releases the final iOS version to the general public in the fall. New iPhones will also be released at the same time. This year is the iPhone 12 series. This too has already been leaked extensively. Read our extensive expectations of Apple’s upcoming phones here.

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