World Emoji Day: These new emoji are coming to iOS and macOS this fall

You may have missed it, but today is definitely a holiday: Apple is celebrating annual World Emoji Day with a taste of the new emoji coming this fall.

World Emoji Day: Apple shares new 2020 emoji

Every year the Unicode Consortium (a group of emoji experts) looks at a list of new characters. They determine in consultation with large tech companies which emoji will be added in the next twelve months.

That is no different in 2020. Earlier this year, we already got a sneak peek at this proposal, and now Apple is showing what to expect.

On World Emoji Day, Apple is sharing thirteen new emoji that will appear on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac this fall. Contrary to the proposal earlier this year, these have been completely adjusted so that they match the design of Apple’s other emoji.emoji 2020 apple

According to Emojipedia, Apple plans to release all of this year’s new emoji this fall. Not with the release of iOS 14 in September, but in a later version like iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2 in the course of October.

Fortunately, from iOS 14 it will become a lot easier to search for emoji, now that the number is increasing again this year. With a new emoji search feature, a search will help you quickly find exactly the emoji you’re looking for.

The role of emoji in our communication

Two years ago on iPhone, we paid extensive attention to World Emoji Day. We spoke to the author of a book about the role emoji play in our way of communicating. That is at least as relevant two years later. Check the article below for the full story.

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