Secure your Twitter account with two-factor authentication: this is how it works

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Twitter account. You not only enter a password, but also a code. That way you ensure that only you have access to the account. That is how it works.

Enable two-factor authentication on Twitter

The security of online accounts is extremely important. It is therefore good that Twitter has increased security. From now on it is possible to log in via two-factor authentication, or 2fa. This puts an extra layer of security on your account, as it were, and makes it more difficult for malicious parties to abuse your account.

How to set up two-factor authentication on Twitter:

  1. Open Twitter and tap your profile at the top left of the screen;
  2. Select ‘Settings and privacy’ in the appeared menu;
  3. Then tap ‘Account’ and then select ‘Security’;
  4. Finally, tap the option to sign in with an authentication app;
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to link Twitter to the two-factor authentication app you use.

twitter two-factor authenticationFrom now on you will be asked for a code during registration. You can find this series of numbers in the 2fa app you use. Popular options are Google Authenticator and LastPass Authenticator. Not using a 2fa app yet? Then check out our overview of the best two-factor authentication apps for iOS.

Two-factor authentication

It has long been possible to enable two-step verification with Twitter. You will receive a code by SMS during registration. Although this way of logging in is more secure than just using a password, it is not ideal.

Two-factor authentication is best seen as the successor to this method. Not only are the codes longer at 2fa and therefore more difficult to crack, but it is also telephone-bound. This means that a malicious person needs physical access to log in.

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