Facebook Shops: This is how Facebook wants to help small businesses

Facebook today announced a new feature: Facebook Shops. This allows small businesses to start an online web store that works for both Facebook (Messenger) and Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook introduces Facebook Shops

Facebook will let you know via a blog post on the website. With Facebook Shops, the social media platform wants to support small companies that are struggling due to the consequences of the corona virus. Because everyone has to stay indoors as much as possible, no customers can visit the store. The Facebook Shop offers a solution.Facebook introduces Facebook Shops

It can be a big step for these companies to independently set up an entire webshop. But it’s done in no time via Facebook. Customers then have access to the webshop on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Shop is free and simple

Creating a web store in Facebook Shops is free and simple. Companies can choose their products themselves and add them to their catalog. The Facebook Shop can be personalized with a cover photo and theme colors to suit the company. The store will then be posted on the company’s Facebook profile, and it can be found through Stories or Ads.

In order to mimic the shopping experience as much as possible, customers can take a look around the shop, and if they have a question they can ask it via the chat function. In this way, a retail entrepreneur still has contact with his or her customers.

According to Facebook, there will also be a special tab on Instagram for the ‘Instagram Shop’, but that will take a while. It will likely replace the ‘Activity’ tab, something, not every user will be happy with.

More innovations on Facebook

The feature is rolling out to a number of companies today, but it will become available to more companies in the coming months. Facebook is busy with innovations to accommodate users. The social media platform recently released a video calling app for the Mac. In addition, Facebook ‘s Messenger app has recently been redesigned.

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