Find AirPods with the Find My application

Can’t remember where your AirPods have gone? Thanks you can easily find them with ‘Find my AirPods’. It is not the case that you can find stolen pods with this option. Find my AirPods is only intended to quickly find your earbuds if you have lost them nearby.

The function only works when the Pods are connected to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac and are therefore within a radius of 10 meters. This is because they cannot independently connect to the internet. In addition, the function always uses the last passed location of the earbuds. That way you know in which environment you should look for them. This is useful when you really lose them.

Show last location of your AirPods on the map

Open the ‘Devices’ tab in the ‘Find My’ application on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or via Immediately all your devices linked to your Apple ID will be loaded and displayed on the map. Search for your AirPods in the list and immediately the last registered location is shown on the map. This is the location where the Pods were last seen, even if they are now turned off.Find lost AirPods

The Find My app has been available since iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina, if you have an older version installed, you can find your AirPods from iOS 10.3 via the Find my iDevice app or via the iCloud website.

Play sound on the AirPods using Find My AirPods

  1. Open the Find My application on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or
  2. Navigate to the ‘Devices’ tab
  3. Select from the list on your AirPods
  4. Tap / click on ‘Play Sound’

how to find one lost airpodThe AirPods will now play a loud sound that you can hear, so you can look for the pods in your area. As mentioned before, you can only do this when the Pods are still connected to a device. Tap ‘Stop Sound’ to stop playback when you find the earbuds. Please note, activate this option not when the AirPods still have in your ears!

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