Lost phone? With these apps you will find it again soon

iPhone users have to Find my iPhone, but Android owners can also find their phones quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll cover two popular apps to keep an eye on your smartphone remotely.

Find my iPhone for Android: this is how it works

iPhones have had Find my iPhone for many years, which has recently become known as ‘ Find My ‘. With this app, they can view the current location of their device remotely. Such an app is ideal for when you have lost your phone, or if it has been stolen.

On Android, the fork is slightly different. You have to install an app on the operating system yourself to keep an eye on it remotely. In this article, we list our two favorite apps: Google Find My Device and Life360.

The former is ideal for when you only want to find your own smartphone. Do you have a family and do your children lose their phones regularly? Then give Life360 a try. This Android Find my iPhone alternative brings some unique family-friendly features.

1. Google Find my device

For most people, ‘Google Find My Device’ is the app for finding an Android phone. That’s because the application does what it’s supposed to do, is clear, and doesn’t have any unnecessary bells and whistles. After downloading Find My Device, sign in to your Google account and see your Android devices.

On a map, you can see the last known position of your smartphone (s) and/or tablet (s). Via the slider, at the top, you select the lost device, after which you have two options: play sound, or lock. The former is ideal for when you have lost your phone at home, for example. As soon as you tap the button, the device starts to make a sound.find-my-iphone-android-google-find-my-device

Have you lost your Android smartphone outdoors, or has it been stolen? Then tap the second option, ‘Protect and Erase’. The first step is to send a message (containing, for example, your telephone number) to the finder. When someone has found your phone on the street, he/she can reach you that way.

Has your Android phone been stolen? Then you better err on the side of caution and lock the device remotely or completely erase it. That way, the thief cannot run away with your personal information. The disadvantage of this choice is that all your personal data is deleted from the phone. You, too, can no longer access it (if you find your phone).

2. Life360

Would you like to know where your young children are? Then Life360 is an ideal Android alternative to Find my iPhone. The added value of this app is that in addition to your own device, you can also find the phones of family members. As ahead of the family, you first install the app on your own device, and then on your child’s device (s).find-my-iphone-android-google-life360

Just like Google Find My Device, a map clearly shows all current locations of the smartphones within your family. You can then immediately send others a message, for example, to ask if it is going well. In an emergency, children can press the ‘Panic’ button, after which you (and possibly your partner) will receive a message containing the most recent location of your child.

There are also a few useful features that Google Find My Device does not have, such as the possibility to receive a message when your child has arrived at a certain destination. This way you always know that he/she has arrived at school well and safely. Finally, with Life360 you can find stolen and lost Android phones, just like with the Google app.

Android for the family

Does your family use Android? Then Family Link might be an interesting addition. With this Google app, you can record digital house rules and, for example, impose a bedtime on your children.

You can also keep an eye on things with Family Link by keeping certain apps out. We have previously written an article with tips for getting the most out of Family Link. We will also help you set up a family-friendly app.

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