First AirPods Max Smart Case that is not from Apple is a fact

Are you now the proud owner of an AirPods Max, but would you prefer to store it in something more solid than in the – already jokingly referred to as the ‘Apple BH’ – Smart Case storage bag? Then we have good news for you.

Reactions to the AirPods Max have been universally positive, but the included Smart Case will likely become the most degraded Apple product in recent memory. Many have pointed to the lack of protection and strange bra-like design. The interest in third-party covers for the new over-ear headphones from Apple was immediately very high. As it stands now, it looks like Waterfield Designs will be one of the first to release one.

AirPods Max Shield Case

The company has announced the AirPods Max Shield Case, a “custom case developed with input from over 1,200 Apple fans that combines grained leather with waxed canvas or ballistic nylon (which is also used in bulletproof vests) for a modern look that matches Apple’s slim headphones. ”

The inside of the case features a butterfly-shaped, leather-covered magnet that allows the headphones to go into Ultra-Low Power mode. That works the same as in Apple’s own Smart Case. In addition, the case has compartments to store your charger, charging cable and other accessories.AirPods Max Shield Case

Gary Waterfield, the owner of WaterField Designs, says that “the case was designed with input from over 1,200 Apple enthusiasts in mind. With that feedback, we were able to create a case that would meet everyone’s needs. ”

Some notable features of the AirPods Max Shield Case include shock-absorbing foam to provide protection in the event of a drop and waterproof zippers to protect the headphones from rain and other liquids. Here’s the full list of the case’s features:

  • Compact and tailor-made to encompass and protect the AirPods Max – with or without a Smart Case.
  • Innovative magnetic leather butterfly keeps the earcups separate and activates AirPods Max power saving mode to conserve battery. The Butterfly lies flat when the headphones are stored in an Apple Smart Case.
  • Full zip with double zip that allows charging in the bag.
  • Closed-cell foam top and bottom layers help disperse and resist external forces and pressure.
  • Plush lining, as soft as a puppy coat, backed with extra soft foam, keeps AirPods Max scratch-free.
  • Stretchable mesh pocket with leather closure allows for a 5W to 20W Apple Power Adapter and the charging and headphone cables.
  • Easily accessible, plush-lined zipped outer pocket for extra cords or other small electronic accessories.
  • Stretchable mesh with the open top on the inside for an iPhone and / or extra accessories.
  • A nylon loop at the top for carrying the case, for attaching to a belt with a carabiner or for storing the case in another bag.
  • Rugged black ballistic nylon or waxed canvas combined with grained leather and smooth waterproof zippers protect the headphones from the elements.

First AirPods Max Smart Case

The case comes in four different leather color combinations: black, blue, crimson and chocolate.AirPods Max Smart Case

The first four releases of the AirPods Max Shield Case sold out quickly. The next round of shipping is currently scheduled for the second week of February and you can order the case from Waterfield Designs for $ 99 excluding shipping to the Netherlands.

We think it is a very suitable case to safely store your AirPods Max (or the Caviar version ). But is the AirPods Max Shield Case also more beautiful than the Smart Case from Apple? We leave that to you. Tastes differ.

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