‘First ARM Macs are 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro’

The first two ARM Macs that Apple will announce on November 10 are a 13-inch Macbook Air and a MacBook Pro of the same size. A friend says that well.

’13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are first ARM Macs’

Apple announced a November event earlier today. That is probably all about the first Macs with an ARM chip. The reliable tasty LOvetodream then posted a short, yet quite a clear message on Twitter: “13-inch x 2”.

That probably means that we will see two 13-inch Macbooks on November 10. Logically, this concerns a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. Whether the laptops will also be given a new design at the same time as the ARM chip is still unclear.Apple's AR announcement on its event website

Apple’s AR announcement on its event website.

Apple announced in June that it is moving from Intel processors to proprietary ARM chips for its Macs in the coming years. This provides many advantages, such as better performance and longer battery life. Because hardware and software will soon be seamlessly connected, you can use apps on your iPhone or iPad as well as on your Mac.

It is not surprising that Apple is starting the switch with its laptops. Apple’s own chips are very powerful, but maybe just not good enough for an iMac or Mac Pro. By releasing small ARM MacBooks first, Apple has some extra time to work on chips for larger Macs.

Ar easter egg in the announcement

Apple announces the event on its event website with a fun AR easter egg. If you are visiting the website with an iPhone or iPad, you can tap the logo. Then that starts to light up and the famous apple stands up like you are opening a MacBook. We also see the background colours of macOS Big Sur. If you turn the logo over, you will see the numbers 11.10. So it seems very likely that Apple will indeed present new MacBooks on November 10th.

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