Apple Watch Series 5 vs Fitbit Sense: the smartwatches compared

Fitbit has released a completely new smartwatch: the Fitbit Sense. This is the company’s most comprehensive smartwatch to date, but is it just as comprehensive as the Apple Watch Series 5? Time for a comparison.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense has been unveiled. The latest smartwatch from Fitbit focuses mainly on gaining insight into your stress level. For example, the smartwatch has an EDA sensor, which measures your stress level. Are you stressed? Then the watch will give you tips to prevent this.

The Sense is Fitbit’s most comprehensive smartwatch to date, and is therefore increasingly becoming a good competitor for the Apple Watch Series 5. But how do the two relate to each other?

Design is almost the same

In terms of design, the Fitbit Sense and the Apple Watch Series 5 are quite similar. Both wearables have a square, aluminum housing. Both smartwatches also have a flexible strap, which is easy to change, so that the accessory matches the rest of your look.

The Sense is slightly less angular than the Apple Watch, but is otherwise difficult to distinguish from the Watch. The Sense does have an Always On AMOLED display, while the Apple Watch is equipped with an Always-On Retina display. The Sense also lacks the Digital Crown that we are used to from the Apple Watch.Apple Watch Series 5 vs Fitbit Sense

Functions: Sense emphasizes stress level

Fitbit Sense emphasizes stress reduction, which is less important with the Apple Watch. The device uses an EDA sensor for this, which measures whether your stress level is too high based on all kinds of factors.

By means of the EDA Scan app, the sensor can, for example, measure whether you have sweat on your wrist due to stress, or detect other small electrical changes. The smartwatch gives you tips to manage your stress, for example with accompanying mindfulness sessions.

The Fitbit Sense also calculates your physical stress level via the Stress Management Score. The lower the score, the more physical stress you experience. The device bases this score on your heart health, sleep and activity.Fitbit Sense vs apple watch

During your sleep, your skin temperature is also measured throughout the night to see if there are any changes. The Apple Watch does not yet have a standard app to monitor your sleeping behavior, but this is coming in watchOS 7. Stress measurement is also missing on the Apple Watch for the time being.

Furthermore, the Sense takes over a few functions that the Apple Watch already had. For example, the Fitbit Sense gets the payment method ‘Fitbit Pay’. This is a clear counterpart to Apple Pay, which allows you to pay with your Apple Watch at the checkout. In addition, Fitbit Sense uses the Google Assistant to perform tasks via voice control. The Apple Watch does the same, but obviously uses Siri for this.

There are, however, a number of functions that the Sense lacks compared to the Apple Watch. The health features of the Apple Watch are even more comprehensive, with Activity trends and a focus on hearing. For example, the Apple Watch Series 5 has a decibel meter, which automatically warns you if your ambient noise is too loud and you have to be careful.

Battery life

The battery of the Sense is a lot more powerful than the Apple Watch: With a full battery, the Apple Watch lasts an average of 18 hours. However, the battery life of a Fitbit Sense can last for 6 days. This of course depends on how much you use the watch. The Sense also supports fast charging; the watch takes a little longer to refill.

Price difference

The Fitbit Sense will be in stores at the end of September. However, the device can already be pre-ordered, for 329.95 euros. The Sense is available in two versions: carbon / stainless steel anthracite and ivory white/soft gold stainless steel.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a bit more expensive. The smartwatch from Apple is available from 449 euros. It is available in several colors: you can choose from the classic gold, silver and space black stainless steel case, or a silver, gold and space gray aluminum case. The smart watch is also available in white ceramic.


The Fitbit Sense is the most comprehensive and complete smartwatch the company has released to date. Many features in the design correspond, although the Fitbit Sense lacks the well-known Digital Crown of the Apple Watch. The smartwatches also correspond in terms of functions. The Fitbit Sense, however, focuses mainly on understanding your stress level, and offers help in lowering it. This is based on measurements of your heart health, sleep and activity.

Although the Apple Watch is also concerned with heart health, the sleep tracker is still missing in watchOS 6. It will be added in watchOS 7. Furthermore, the Apple Watch does not focus on stress, but more on physical activity. If you would like a smartwatch for sports, then you have a good device on both watches, but the Apple Watch is just a bit more extensive. If you mainly want to gain insight into your current condition, then the Fitbit Sense is a better choice for you, also because the watch is cheaper.

watchOS 7 adds more features to Apple Watch

When watchOS 7 becomes available this fall, the Apple Watch Series 5 will get quite a few additional health features. For example, there will be a sleep tracker and the Watch will get a Fitness app. You will also receive a warning when your AirPods are too loud, which can cause hearing damage. The volume is then automatically adjusted. Knowing more? Check out what’s new in the software update . Keep an eye on iPhone to know when you can install the update.

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