‘Foldable Xiaomi phone works with a 108 MP camera, we know this’

More information has leaked about a foldable phone from Xiaomi. The device is codenamed ‘Cetus’ and it was discovered in the code of the MIUI software shell. Here you can read what we already know.

Foldable Xiaomi phone

This year we introduced the second generation of foldable phones. Huawei came with the Mate Xs as a successor, and Samsung showed two different designs of Foldables with the Z Fold 2 and the Z Flip. What is striking about this new generation is that manufacturers have already eliminated many of the childhood flaws from the first generation, but we still see that a lot of manufacturers are still on the sidelines when it comes to foldable phones. Think of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, LG and Sony.

XDA Developers has discovered in the code of the latest version of the MIUI software shell that Xiaomi is working on its own foldable code-named ‘Cetus’. The news site finds references related to software actions when folding and unfolding the screen, and that is why we know that it is indeed a foldable device. For now, nothing is known about the phone’s specifications or the way it folds, but the phone does come with a 108 MP main camera.Xiaomi Foldable phone

Previous concepts

It is certainly not the first time that more information has been leaked about a foldable smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. Last year a video appeared online of a phone with a widescreen with both sides folding back. Yet that phone never came onto the market. This summer there was again information, but about a completely different design that is largely based on that of the Huawei Mate Xs.

It is not yet known whether the codenamed ‘Cetus’ phone will work according to last year’s leaked concepts, the Mate Xs design, or a completely different design. It is not known at all whether this phone will be for sale. Although we expect that Xiaomi and other manufacturers will join the growing foldable market to get a piece of it from the start. What do you think?

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