Germany bans WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

The German privacy watchdog now forbids Facebook to process data from WhatsApp users. That injunction takes effect immediately, and it comes in response to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Facebook rejects the claim.

WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy

There is more criticism of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. After earlier users flocking to competitors of the messaging started off is now the German privacy regulator resist. In a press release, the Hamburg commission announced that a new order immediately bans Facebook from working with WhatsApp data.

“After an evaluation of the facts, we came to the conclusion that there is no legal basis for Facebook to process WhatsApp users’ data for its own purposes, including when explicit permission is given in WhatsApp,” the report said. privacy watchdog in a notice.WhatsApp's request to accept the new privacy rules

WhatsApp’s request to accept the new privacy rules


Furthermore, the German commission also calls the new privacy policy “misleading” and “full of contradictions”. It is therefore not clear what the exact consequences are when you accept the new rules. The privacy watchdog also states that WhatsApp is forcing users to agree to the new policy by otherwise denying access.

The new privacy policy is even more sensitive in Germany in view of the elections. In the Hamburg commission message, it is feared that advertisers on Facebook will try to influence voters.After severe criticism, WhatsApp tried to clarify the new rules

After severe criticism, WhatsApp tried to clarify the new rules

‘No impact’

In a response to TechCrunch, Facebook already responded to the order of the German privacy watchdog. “Our recent update [of our privacy policy] explains the ways people can reach companies on WhatsApp and provides greater transparency about how we collect and use data,” said a Facebook spokesperson. “Because the Hamburg commission’s claims are wrong, the order will have no impact on the rollout of the update.”

WhatsApp recently announced that users who do not accept the new privacy rules can still continue to use WhatsApp. That sounded different before. Have you already accepted the privacy rules? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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