This is how you use Google Assistant routines on iPhone and iPad

Google has officially released its new routines feature for Google Assistant on the iPhone and iPad. Routines ensure that you can perform several actions in succession with one simple command.

Google Assistant routines on iPhone and iPad

All Dutch iPhone and iPad users can now finally use the routine function in Google Assistant. The feature has been available for other languages ​​for months, and is now also officially released in our country.

You should think of such a routine as a combination of actions that Google Assistant performs when you give a specific voice command. You determine what this command is and what tasks are associated with it. You can also set a time for the routine to start automatically at a specific time.

In a routine, you can think of reading the weather forecast and all your appointments, followed by playing your favorite playlist. You can also make it even more advanced and involve your smart devices.

For example, you can automatically switch on all the lights, open your curtains, and unlock the doors after your alarm has gone off.

To set up Google Assistant routines on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Google Assistant app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Tap your profile picture or initials in the top right;
  3. Click on Assistant;
  4. Go to Routines;
  5. Then choose ‘Add a routine’ or select an existing routine;
  6. After that you can add commands, actions, link certain media or set a time and day.

Download Google Assistant for iOS

Google Assistant is the default voice assistant for Android and works in much the same way as Siri. For example, ask for a joke, whether the Assistant wants to use a timer or what your favorite football club did last weekend.

Although Google Assistant is included as standard in the system of Android phones, for the iPhone and iPad it is simply an application from the App Store. This is because Apple already has its own built-in voice assistant.

Via the button below you can download and install the separate Google Assistant app on your own iPhone or iPad. The voice assistant works on all devices with iOS 10 or higher.

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