Google Chat now also lets you invite people from outside

Google Chat has recently received many new possibilities and the following is already on the doorstep: inviting people outside the domain.

New features for Google Chat and Google Meet

Google Chat and Google Meet have undergone major changes recently. First of all, this chat service and video service were given a new name, the terms Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet no longer exist.

Not much later, Google opened up the use of Meet for non-business use. Video calls can now be made via Gmail, among other things. In the coming days, Google will roll out an update for Chat, which will include the possibility to invite people from outside.

How does Google Chat work?

Unlike Google Meet, Google Chat can only be used (yet) by G Suite users. G Suite is the business suite of Google apps and services used by many schools, governments, and companies. Google Chat and Meet are part of this package and are made available for every domain. Such a domain contains users and they can then use the apps. tech largest also uses G Suite and these apps.

So we communicate daily via Google Chat and Google Meet. This can be done in groups, the so-called Chat Rooms, but also one-to-one via private chats. Chat includes integration with Google Meet and Google Drive and many bots like Giphy.

A major drawback is that we cannot invite people from outside our tech largest domain on G Suite to participate in a conversation in Google Chat. This is possible for Google Meet. So only people with an email address within our tech largest domain can participate in a conversation. Inviting a guest like an intern or client is therefore not an option.

Invite people from outside

In the coming days, Google will (finally) change this. The company announced via a blog post that from May 26 it will be possible to invite people from outside your domain to participate in a conversation on Google Chat.

It is, therefore, possible to send messages to other G Suite users who are not part of your company and to people with a free Gmail account. It is, therefore, possible to add these two groups to chat rooms. The guest must have a Google account and will be recognizable by the yellow badge ‘External’ so that according to Google you are ‘sure that you share information with the right people’.Google Chat

In addition, chat rooms will have to be designated as ‘external’ and this cannot be changed afterward. So you cannot add guests to existing chat rooms.


Google is rolling out the new Google Chat feature starting today and will be more widely available to G Suite users from May 26.

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