“Google Chrome is going to ask much less of your MacBook battery”

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the Mac, but at least as notorious for the big impact it has on your battery life. Google is going to do something about that now.

Google Chrome is going to reduce battery usage

Besides Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome is probably the most commonly used browser on macOS. The Wall Street Journal writes that Google will soon come up with a solution for the major influence that the browser has on your battery.

Because while Chrome performs fast and stable, it requires a lot of RAM and battery compared to Safari or Firefox, for example.set default programs on your Mac

The improvements should “dramatically improve the impact on your battery,” said a Google spokesperson. The company will do this by looking closely at the tabs you have open and which ones are actually being used. By slumbering idle tabs this way, they require much less of the battery in your MacBook.

Since May, Chrome has been automatically blocking online ads that consume a lot of power. In addition, an update should be released soon that will make the most important parts of the browser perform even better.

In addition to a plus for your battery life, these improvements should also contribute to the overall performance that Chrome delivers. In addition to your battery, the browser also requires relatively much of the working memory in computers.

Google says it is busy testing the improvements. That should ensure that an update for Google Chrome will appear at the end of August, which will implement these changes.

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