Google Messages can now schedule text messages for you, that’s how it works

Google makes it possible to schedule messages in the Messages app for automatic sending at a later time. Message scheduling is available immediately in the Google Messages app.

Schedule messages

Google announced on its blog a new feature for messages which last year already emerged: transmit a message automatically at a time when you decide. The schedule function works in the Messages app on phones with Android 7 and newer and gives you several options with set times:

  • Send later today (5:00 PM)
  • Send later tonight (9 p.m.)
  • Send tomorrow (8:00 am)

You can also choose a date and time yourself. In this way, you could copy your entire birthday calendar into text messages with congratulations. As an example, Google gives loved ones in a different time zone or work schedule: “It can sometimes be difficult to send an SMS at a convenient time. at the right time.

To schedule an SMS, first write your message and then press and hold the send button to select a date and time to deliver your message.Google Messages now schedule text messages

Then you can tap send again and a preview of the message will appear in the conversation. Below such a preview the text appears: ‘Scheduled message’. You can edit, delete or immediately send a schedule by tapping on the clock.Google Messages now schedule

Google Messages got a number of new features last year, including the wider availability of RCS, and a useful filter for messages is also under development.

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