‘Nest Cam IQ Successor Appears at FCC as Google Wireless Product’

Google promised to surprise us this year with the successors to its Nest Cam IQ cameras. After the FCC first released information about an alleged Nest Cam IQ successor in March, another Nest security camera appeared at the FCC Friday night. The device is described by the FCC as a “Google Wireless Product”.

Google Wireless Product

FCC, the US telecom agency, released information in March about a Google product with model number G3AL9. The product has been described by the FCC as a Wireless Streaming Device and contains a battery to presumably operate completely wirelessly. A second camera for the Nest Cam series appears to have reported to the FCC on Friday evening, 9to5Google reports. The device bears the model number GWX3T and is described as a ‘Wireless Product’.

‘GWX3T and G3AL9’

The FCC report further states that the Google Wireless Product will be labelled on the back with the FCC information – in line with Google’s G3AL9, a product whose sticker is also placed on the back. It is also known that the GWX3T, which appeared Friday evening on the FCC website, uses Bluetooth LE and offers Wi-Fi support. Unlike the G3AL9, batteries are not mentioned in the available reports of the GWX3T.

FCC label of the Google Wireless Product

Google Wireless Product

Other details about the alleged Nest security camera, such as the resolution of the images and the software functions, are not yet known. It also remains to be seen whether it is really a Nest product or even a camera in general. In the descriptions that the FCC gives to the two tested models, it does not talk about camera functions. In addition, the GWX3T is described as a ‘Wireless Product’. A description not previously given to a Google product writes 9to5Google.

Launch Nest Cam IQ

For now, it remains silent from Google. A silence has prevailed since the end of sales of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and Cam IQ Indoor early this year. Fortunately, with Google’s promise to surprise us with new Nest security cameras, the range seems to be being supplemented again. Both the GWX3T and G3AL9 received a short-term “Confidentiality Label” from the FCC. For the G3AL9, this deadline runs until September 24, while the GWX3T will only lose its confidentiality at the end of this year.

Losing this confidentiality means that the FCC may publish information about the products on its website. Usually, such information is published shortly after launch. Given that the company usually holds a big Made by Google launch event at the end of September, it seems a given that we will hear more about the products during that event.

What do you expect from Google for the upcoming Nest security cameras? Would you like to have a camera with a battery, or is that not necessary? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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