Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 will be unveiled on October 8

Google France seems to have accidentally revealed the date of the launch of the Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Google Pixel 5. The 5G phones would be announced in October.

Launch Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5

Google unveiled the Pixel 4a this week, and the $ 340 phone at $ 340 is one of the best mid-range options thanks to its camera capabilities. While the Pixel 4a is a 4G device, Google announced two more 5G phones.

The Pixel 4a 5G ($ 499) and Pixel 5 will be launched in the fall. Both will likely come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G chipset – which does support 5G. Google didn’t go into details about when these 5G phones will be available, but we now have a clear idea thanks to Google France.

As noted by 9to5Google, the official  Google France blog post mentioned pre-order dates for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. Both phones could be pre-ordered from October 8. The sentence has since disappeared but can still be seen in the cached version of the blog post.

The duo’s October 8 launch is a perfect match for previous Pixel launches. The   Google Pixel 4  and  Pixel 4 XL  launched on October 15 last year. So we probably have a little over two months to go before we get to see Google’s new flagships. The Pixel 4a has been hit by months of delays, so it’s nice to see the Pixel 5’s launch not weighed down.

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