Rumor: Google Pixel 4a no longer gets Active Edge

According to rumors, Google Pixel 4a no Active Edge. Google will say goodbye to the squeezable frame with which the Google Assistant can be activated with the launch of the Pixel 4a.

Pixel 4a without Active Edge

The  Pixel 2  and  Pixel 2 XL  were the first Pixel phones to be launched with Active Edge, the squeeze feature we first saw as Edge Sense on the  HTC U11. With this squeeze function, you can activate the Google Assistant and freeze the phone by squeezing the frame of the phone. Several tech journalists now report that Google will drop Active Edge for the first time since the second generation with the yet to be announced Pixel 4a.Pixel 4a without Active Edge

Leaked renders of the Pixel 4a

Double-tap as an alternative

Google is already testing new gestures (double tap) in Android 11 with which you can activate the smart assistant, but also the camera and more. These gestures would then replace the pinch function. Since the function works with the accelerometer and gyro in the phones, Google could also bring the gestures to the older Pixel devices, but that is still uncertain.

The new gestures are expected to be announced later this year with the launch of the Pixel 4a or the launch of the stable version of Android 11. Google may be saying goodbye to more Pixel-specific functions. For example, we saw yesterday that the Soli radar chip and the Motion Sense feature may no longer be seen on Pixel 5.

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