Google Pixel 4a release delayed to October 23

Google may have delayed the Pixel 4a release until October. As a result, the device will probably appear many months later than planned.

Google Pixel 4a release postponed again

According to a new rumor from Jon Prosser, Google has again postponed the Pixel 4a release, this time to the month of October. The well-known tasty says that the black variant is now scheduled to launch on October 23. The device should still be announced on July 13.

Prosser announced in May that the black Pixel 4a would launch on August 6. A blue variant of the device was scheduled to release on October 1. This blue device has now disappeared from the system.

Pixel 4a is actually Pixel 5

In response to Prossers Tweet, these new indications are completely contradicted by another well-known tasty person, Ishan Agarwal. He claims that the specifications we now know of the Pixel 4a actually do not belong to this device at all.

Instead, Argawal says it may be a Pixel 5. De Lekker adds that he was unable to disclose this information initially because he had too little evidence. This allows us to take this rumor better with a grain of salt.

Since the Pixel 4a appears so much later than intended, almost everything is already known about the device. View the likely specifications of the Google Pixel 4a here. About Pixel 5, until now, there were mainly rumors about the processor and price. Finally, we heard sounds about an option for the Pixel 5 to charge wirelessly.

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