Google Pixel 5 comes without Motion Sense function and Soli chip

The upcoming Google Pixel 5 comes without the Soli radar chip and the Motion Sense feature that accurately captures motion. This is evident from new rumors. What are the consequences of the new flagship?

Google Pixel 5

One of the special features that Google came up with with the Pixel 5 was the advanced facial recognition in combination with Motion Sense. Google described the feature as an opportunity that other phones cannot offer, because the Pixel 4 comes with the homemade Soli chip. Stephen Hall of 9To5Google now claims that Google is throwing that idea in the trash for the upcoming Pixel 5 phones.

Problems with Motion Sense

Motion Sense and the Soli chip allow a phone to detect when a user is nearby and then turn on the always-on screen. In addition, the function also activates the facial recognition when Soli detects that a user is grabbing his phone, which means that the facial recognition has to work faster.Impact on Pixel 5

Still, the feedback from Pixel 4 testers and users is not entirely positive regarding Motion Sense. Some complain about a disappointing battery life and point to increased consumption as a result of the feature. Others, in turn, complain about facial recognition performance and call them inconsistent. You can read more about our experiences with the technology in Claudia’s Pixel 4 XL review.

Impact on Pixel 5

If the Soli chip will no longer be part of the Pixel 5, that is an indication that Google is also abandoning the idea of ​​advanced facial recognition, because both technologies are strongly connected. If that’s the case, it could have a positive impact on the design of the upcoming flagship, as Google could end the phone’s significant screen edges.

Earlier it became known from rumors that Google will not work with the high-end Snapdragon 865 for the Pixel 5. What do you expect from the Pixel 5? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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