Google Pixel Feature Drops: These 4 smart and exclusive features are on the way

Google is announcing a series of new features for the phones in the Pixel series for the third time. These new features have been collected under the name ‘feature drops’ and you can read all about them in this article.

Pixel feature drops

With the so-called  Pixel feature drops, Google wants to ensure that Pixel phones are regularly provided with new functions and improvements. In December, the first package with these so-called feature drops was rolled out to the Pixel phones and the second package was delivered in early March. Now Google is again releasing a series of new features in the feature drops, which we will discuss with you below.

1. Improvements for the battery

Adaptive Battery or Custom Battery Usage is a feature introduced with the arrival of  Android 9.0 Pie. In fact, it is a kind of improved energy management that cleverly shuts down apps that use a lot of battery so that you can continue on a battery charge for longer.

> Settings – Battery – Custom battery usage

This feature now has the ability to predict how much battery is left on all Pixels except the first generation and then adjusts how the phone works to optimize the remaining energy in the energy in the best possible way. The new feature is self-learning so it will take some time before it can actually make a difference.

2. Recorder app is getting a bit better again

The  Recorder app is a very smart app that not only records audio recordings for you but can also transcribe them. This means that the app can write out English-language meetings, interviews, lectures or conversations for you, and that saves a lot of work.

Now Google is coming with better integration with Google Docs so you can share those transcripts with others and keep them all better organized in Google Drive. In addition, The Recorder app gets support for Google Assistant, so you can start, stop, and search recordings with your voice.

3. Clock app helps you to fall asleep

The Clock app now has a new ‘bedtime’ tab that helps you sleep through soothing sounds. In addition, you can set your own daily sleep and wake times to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, and adjust these times to your next day’s calendar appointments. Before your scheduled bedtime, you will receive a reminder with the option to play calming sounds from Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music, and other services.

If you keep using your phone after bedtime, you will see how much time you have spent on this and which apps are the culprits.Google Pixel Feature

View the gif  here

The new bedtime feature in the Google Clock app can be combined with Digital Wellbeing to minimize interruptions. Finally, in the morning you can wake up to your favorite song or gradually wake up to the Sunrise Alarm, a screen that brightens over time and starts 15 minutes before your alarm.

4. Personal safety app gets more options

The  Pixel 4 Personal Security app allows you to contact the emergency room in an emergency without speaking. If your Pixel 4 detects that you have had a car accident, the emergency services can be called automatically and your location can be shared. This feature only works in the United States, and Google is now rolling it out to Australia and the United Kingdom.

Google is now also making the app available for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 and detecting a car accident is also coming to the Pixel 3. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we will still only be able to show information on the lock screen with this app, such as medical emergency information and contacts.Personal safety app gets more options

View the gif  here

The app also gets new security features, such as security checks, that allow you to record a check-in time. For example, if you’re going for a run or a walk on your own, and aren’t back before the scheduled check-in time, the app will alert you to contacts you’ve set up for emergencies. The notification alerts all your emergency contacts and shares your location with them in real-time via Google Maps.

Which features for which Pixel phone?

Below you will find an overview of all new feature drops per Pixel phone. Unfortunately, some of these functions are not available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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