Google Workspace now officially available to everyone

Google is now going to make its Workspace apps available to the general public. You can now work with the extra functionalities of Google’s business e office tools for free, but there are still paid variants for companies that include extra cloud storage and security.

Google Workspace for everyone

In October of 2020, Google rebranded its G Suite business apps to Workspace. The company also announced new smart functions that allow you to easily combine multiple office services and collaborate more smoothly. All those extras that were normally only for paying users are now accessible to everyone. So says, Google in its blog post.

So you can get started with Gmail to use Google Chat to discuss a hobby project with friends. After that, you can also include documents in your conversation and open them in the same window to edit them together. If you come to the conclusion during that collaboration that you want to discuss things more smoothly, you immediately start a meeting via Meet. All Google services should blend nicely with Workspace, and that’s where the Smart Canvas feature comes in.


Furthermore, Google is also coming out with a new Spaces feature for Gmail. It is a way of discussing matters in a group. It is an evolution of the current chat room that will soon become Spaces. The difference with chat rooms is that Spaces contains more options to create clear threads about topics. You can also respond extensively with emoji and there are moderator functions. Google seems to mainly want to target larger groups, as a competitor for Discord.

Google SpacesGoogle Spaces

Workspace Subscriptions

In addition, there will still be separate subscriptions for companies that use Workspace, because this gives you access to extra security features, more management functions, extra space for participants in video meetings and more cloud storage.

The workspace also comes with an individual rate that allows you to use those extra benefits anyway without having to register your own domain name or get your own e-mail address. In the US, that subscription will cost $9.99 per month, but it’s unknown if or when it will be available here.

Separate Workspace app

Workspace will also get its own tool from which you will be able to find all individual services because that should provide a better overview of the possibilities and the total range of services. We expect all changes to be available to free Workspace users in the coming weeks and months.

What do you think of the new announcements? Are you happy with it, or are you afraid that Google’s range of services has only become less clear to the user? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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