iPhone users complain about green tint in screen

Some users complain about a green tint on their iPhone’s screen. The problem seems to occur randomly after unlocking and mainly affects the iPhone 11 devices.

The green tint in iPhone screen

The first complaints about a green tint in iPhone screens recently appeared on Reddit.  It appears that the problem mainly affects iPhone 11 models, but other devices may also be susceptible. So far, it doesn’t seem to be a very large issue, unlike the recent iOS 13.5 bugs that prevented people from opening their apps.Green tint in iPhone screen

There are some inconsistencies in how the problem occurs, but in most cases, the screen will turn green immediately after the iPhone is unlocked. People on Reddit say that the green hue disappears after a while but eventually comes back on its own.

Cause and solution

The problem seems to be related to dark mode and Night Shift. When enabled, the likelihood of a green screen tint is likely to be higher. If you also suffer from it, it is wise to disable these functions. However, there are also users who experience it without using these features.

Don’t worry, it’s probably not a hardware issue. Many users claim that they only recently noticed the vegetable hue on the screen. If it is indeed a software issue then Apple will fix it with a future iOS update. Unfortunately, there are currently no other fixes for this, leaving dupes to wait for Apple to address the bug for now.

Do you also suffer from a recurring green tint on the screen of your Apple device? Please let us know in the comments.

Apple is currently working on the iOS 13.5.5 update, of which it recently made the beta available to developers. This showed that Apple is bundling its services. So there may be an all-in-one subscription coming soon for Apple Music,  Apple Arcade,  Apple TV Plus,  Apple News Plus, and iCloud. Most likely, however, an update that fixes the green screen issue will appear before.

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