Harmony OS 2.0 official: operating system for phones next year

Harmony OS 2.0 was presented at his Huawei Developer Conference. The operating system has been adapted to smartphones and developers can start using it from the end of this year. Huawei teases the arrival of Harmony phones in 2021.

Harmony OS 2.0

“You can turn off certain lights, but not all the stars in the sky,” that is the clear sniff of Huawei CEO Richard Yu at the US sanctions that Huawei is suffering. Huawei presented the second version of its Harmony OS at the Huawei Developer Conference today.

That is Huawei’s proprietary operating system that works on all types of smart devices. From smartwatches to smart televisions and the infotainment system of cars. If you build an app for one device, it automatically works for all others.Android and Harmony

Harmony OS 2.0 has now received improvements and is ready for tablets and smartphones, as Huawei CEO Richard Yu previously announced. Developers can get started with the general improvements for Harmony OS 2.0 from this month, but in September Huawei will also release the Software Development Kits aimed at smartphones and tablets.

Android and Harmony

The basis of Harmony OS 2.0 for phones is Huawei’s EMU software shell for Android. Today, Huawei already uses its own systems in EMUI such as the Ark Compiler, which should start apps faster and also manage the working memory of phones.

All of EMUI’s technical know-how now also finds its way to Harmony OS. It is not yet known exactly what Harmony OS for phones will look like. Furthermore, Huawei has also launched a charm offensive against Chinese developers, as Huawei promises it will help the developers to introduce their apps and software across the ocean.

Huawei also announced that Harmony OS is ready to be launched for phones next year, but the company has not yet announced any concrete plans for this. It’s not clear whether Android and Harmony OS for phones will coexist in the future.

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