4 apps to control your hay fever

Spring and summer are a very nice period, but that is sometimes different for those who have hay fever. The pollen of the trees, flowers, grasses and herbs causes itching and irritation of the nose, throat and eyes. Outsmart pollen with these apps and keep an eye on the amount of pollen in the air.

1. Hay fever & pollen App

” Hay fever and pollen ” is the hay fever app A. Vogel. In short, it is simple. On the homepage you will find a card with clouds in different colors that indicate the amount of pollen in the air. Just below the map you get a weather forecast with the predictions for next week.

To view that forecast in more detail, swipe left on the map to see the forecast for the next five days. In the ‘Expectation’ tab you can see the pollen concentration that comes from different tree species, grasses and herbs. You can tailor the app to a specific location. Also keep in mind, this is an app from A. Vogel. The app obviously advises you to take the A. Vogel medication for hay fever.Hay fever & pollen App

2. Poll News 2020

The app ‘ Pollennieuws 2020 ‘ is linked to pollennieuws.nl, where independent biologists daily map out the pollen level in the Netherlands. Immediately you see a large map of the Netherlands with colorful glosses that indicate how many pollen are in the air. Below the map you can indicate how much trouble you have at that moment. All these logs are bundled under the notifications tab, where you can also see how much trouble other people in the Netherlands have.Poll News 2020

3. AllerGoGo

The ‘ AllerGoGo ‘ app is made by the Deventer Hospital especially for children between 7 and 16 years old. AllerGoGo focuses less on the pollen level in the air and more on your personal symptoms. Via this app you can log your symptoms via selfies or via the so-called ‘Allergotchiwezen’.

With the latter you indicate how much trouble you have with your eyes, your nose and your mouth. The color of the background behind the Allergotchi together with a number indicates how many pollen are in the air. At 1 there are few pollen in the air, at 10 a lot.AllerGoGo

There is also the option to add your medication. This can be in the form of eye drops, nasal spray or tablets. You can also give this medication to your Allergotchi. Under the tab ‘diary’ you can see a nice overview.

4. Pollen Wise

‘ Pollen Wise ‘ offers a handy overview of the daily forecast of the concentration of poles at your location. The app therefore requests access to the location when you open it, but you can also manually add a city or municipality. Furthermore, in Pollen Wise you can easily note how you feel every day, and the app also gives you more insight into the specific trees or plants that cause the pollen.Pollen Wise

The app also has a news section, and it provides tips to minimize the inconvenience caused by your allergy. Finally, a nice extra is that this app has by far the best design of the foursome, and that it comes with a dark theme.

Are there any other apps you can recommend that help you control your hay fever? Are you already using one of the above apps? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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