‘Apple is not working on new HomePods, self-driving car will come later’

The usually knowledgeable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the Cupertino company has stopped developing new HomePod speakers. The analyst also commented on Apple’s first self-driving car.

‘HomePod development temporarily suspended’

In a note read by MacRumors website, Ming-Chi Kuo writes that Apple has temporarily stopped developing new HomePods. This would have to do with the demand for the smart speakers, which is lower than expected.

Kuo says it’s a temporary shutdown, but it’s unclear whether Apple will release more new HomePod models in the future. Earlier this year, the company came up with the HomePod mini, which, however, has not officially appeared in the Netherlands.

The analyst also says that Apple’s first self-driving car will take longer. The car would be released between 2025 and 2027 at the earliest, but a release in 2028 is also possible. This is striking, as a previous rumor – from the reliable Reuters – stated that the Apple car will be released in 2024. Tim Cook’s company has been working on a self-driving car since 2014.

About the HomePod mini

The HomePod mini is the most recent smart speaker from Apple and the successor to the regular HomePod, which appeared in early 2018. Like its predecessor, the HomePod mini is not available in the Netherlands. The device is smaller and cheaper than the earlier HomePod and costs $ 99 abroad. It is also a competitor for the (affordable) smart speakers from Google and Amazon.HomePod vs HomePod mini

The smart speaker works closely with Siri, so that you can, for example, control your music with your voice or ask for information. A new function is an Intercom: with this, you can send a voice message to other rooms where a HomePod mini is located.

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