HomePod mini suffers from Wi-Fi issues: here are the 2 workarounds

Were you there early and already have a HomePod mini house? Then it could just be that you sometimes suffer from WiFi problems. Read here how to resolve the issue temporarily and about the arrival of a more permanent solution on the HomePod mini wifi problems.

HomePod mini has wifi problems

The fast buyers of the HomePod mini-report that there are problems with the Wi-Fi connection. Various stories are gathering through Apple’s support forum. The effects of solutions proposed by Apple seem to be temporary so far.

Users share through the forum that their HomePod mini regularly disconnects from the internet. This causes Siri to respond with an error message, “I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet.”

2 workarounds

Apple offers two workarounds. For example, the company recommends that users reboot the device, or reset the HomePod mini to factory settings and then reconnect to the Home app.HomePod mini has wifi problems

You do the latter by opening the Home app on your iPhone or iPad and then long-pressing the HomePod mini icon. Then tap Settings, scroll down and choose to Remove Accessory. Finally, tap Done. A solution with a more sustainable effect is to release a tvOS update. The HomePod mini runs on this operating system of the Apple TV. When this update is available, we will of course let you know via Techlargest.com.

HomePod mini

Although the HomePod mini is not officially available, there are enough people who have purchased one, or still want to. There are several ways to get the regular HomePod or the HomePod mini at home. From grey import or to a German electronics store times: we listed all the options for you to get a HomePod.

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