HomePod vs HomePod mini: 5 differences between the small and large Apple speaker

The HomePod has gotten a little brother. The HomePod mini is just as smart, but a lot more compact. In this HomePod vs HomePod mini comparison, we list the main differences between the Apple speakers.

HomePod vs HomePod mini: the 5 main differences

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  1. Size and design
  2. 2. Sound quality
  3. 3. Processor
  4. 4. Ultra Wideband
  5. 5. Price

1.Size and design

It is a gigantic open door, but the most important difference once you sit them next to each other. The HomePod mini is about twice the size of its bigger brother. The regular HomePod is 6.8 inches in height and 5.6 inches in width. The mini holds measures 3.3 and 3.9 inches respectively.

Also different: the design. The large HomePod has a cylinder shape, while the HomePod mini looks more like a globe thanks to its round shape. The bottom is flat to keep the speaker in place. You use the top of the HomePod mini for operation.

  • HomePod Dimensions : 6.8 inches (height) x 5.6 inches (width)
  • HomePod mini dimensions : 3.3 inches (height) x 3.9 inches (width)

HomePod vs HomePod mini Differences

2. Sound quality

The second difference between the HomePod and HomePod mini presents itself as soon as you turn on a song. The latter has a more compact size and can therefore store fewer parts in the housing.

Where the regular HomePod has a total of seven tweeters and a single woofer, the mini has to do with a single driver and two radiators. The latter takes care of both the bass and the treble. The large HomePod, therefore, has seven separate tweeters to provide the high tones.

Although we have not yet been able to compare the two with each other, it is almost impossible that the sound quality of the normal HomePod wins the longest straw. After all, this simply has more space for separate audio parts that can focus on one (audio) task.

The HomePod mini lacks this’ freedom of movement ‘, so that most of the tasks are placed on the driver and radiators’ board. To compensate for this lack of space, Apple has tinkered a lot with the software in order to squeeze space-filling (360 degrees) sound from the compact speaker.

  • HomePod: 1 woofer, 7 tweeters and 6 microphones
  • HomePod mini: 1 drive, 2 radiators and 4 microphones

3. Processor

The Apple S5 chip (which is also in the Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE ) of the HomePod mini-plays a crucial role. Based on complex calculations, it is checked what kind of music you play and how the maximum volume can be reached. To achieve this goal, the HomePod mini can, for example, adjust the direction of movement of the driver and radiators.

The large HomePod is powered by the A8 chip, which we know from the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4, among others. This processor is not so much concerned with maximizing the volume, but with regulating sound. The chip works closely with the software to continuously check whether the balance is still in order, the sound is not shrill and the bass is deep.

4. Ultra Wideband

So far, the big HomePod has drawn the longest straw. However, the tables are turned when we talk about connectivity. The HomePod mini is equipped with an Ultra-Wideband chip (UWB), just like the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini.

This chip is likely to play a leading role in the Apple ecosystem in the coming years. The company has been tinkering behind the scenes for years on the AirTag, or a tracker that you can hang on your keyring, for example. You will then see in the Find My app where the tracker is located. It seems that the AirTag, which has not yet been announced, will use UWB.

5. Price

Also not unimportant: the price. Now, this difference is somewhat difficult for us as Dutch users because both Apple speakers are not officially available here. In the United States, the normal HomePod costs $ 299, the little brother costs $ 99.

But, via grey import, you can still get the large Apple speaker. In the Netherlands, you can buy the HomePod for an amount of between 300 and 350 euros. It is expected that the HomePod mini will also become available here in the long run. When and at what price is still the question.

Use our Apple HomePod price comparator to score the best deal.

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