How to delete all tweets – Easily delete your old tweets fast

Do you want to delete all tweets on your Twitter profile with little effort? This can be done in two ways to remove. In this article, we explain both methods.

Two ways to delete all tweets

We take a look at TweetDelete, a way to remove tweets from your computer, and Jumbo, a free Android app that makes your general online presence more secure.

This is how you delete all tweets

  1. On your computer, go to the TweetDelete website ;
  2. Log in with your Twitter login details and give TweetDelete the necessary access;
  3. Indicate how many tweets you want to delete;
  4. Check the terms and conditions and tap ‘Delete my tweets!’.

In the menu of TweetDelete, you can also adjust some settings yourself. For example, it is possible to indicate that only messages containing a certain word should be deleted. You can also give TweetDelete permission to delete your tweets daily. You can remove a total of 3,200 recent tweets.

Delete tweets with Jumbo

No computer at hand? Then Jumbo is the best way to remove tweets. This app tries to improve your online security and privacy and does so by cleaning up your digital archive, among other things.

  1. Download Jumbo on your Android phone ;
  2. Go through the installation process and log in to Twitter when prompted;
  3. Jumbo now checks how old your tweets are;
  4. Tap ‘Set up’ to start the removal and go through the steps.

How to delete all tweetsAs mentioned, Jumbo is more than just a way to delete old messages. For example, haven’t you enabled two-factor authentication on Twitter yet? Then Jumbo will inform you of this. The app also proposes, for example, to hide your email address. This makes it harder for strangers to find out.

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