How to delete comments and define tags in Instagram

Instagram has rolled out some new features. From now on, you can delete comments and make sure that not everyone can tag you. That’s how you do it. steps by steps show Tech largest.

How to delete Instagram comments

The functions mainly aim to combat bullying and annoying discussions. Therefore, it is possible to delete multiple comments under a post at once. Follow these steps to delete multiple comments at once in Instagram :

  • First open the post with the comments of which you want to remove some;
  • Tap the three dots at the top;
  • Choose “Manage Comments”;
  • Select up to 25 comments you want to delete;
  • Tap ‘Delete’ in the bottom left.

Delete comments in InstagramIt is even possible to block or limit multiple accounts in this way. Then select the comments from these accounts and tap on ‘More options’. You can then choose to block or limit these accounts.

Set who you can tag

You can now also set who you can tag in an Instagram Story or in a comment. You do this as follows:

  • Tap your profile and then the menu in the top right corner;
  • Open ‘Settings’;
  • Tap on ‘Privacy’;
  • Under ‘Tags’ and ‘Mentions’ you can now choose whether everyone can tag you, only people you follow, or nobody at all.Set who you can tag

More about Instagram

Instagram is busy fighting bullying on the social media platform. For example, it is already possible to limit comments and even Instagram profiles. That way you don’t have to block users, but they are invisible on your profile.

Due to the current home isolation situation, Instagram has also added a feature to view photos together with friends. Ready with Instagram? It is also possible to temporarily disable your profile.

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