‘HP is working on a foldable clamshell phone like Motorola Razr’

HP has plans for a phone with foldable screen technology, according to patents. It is a clamshell model such as the Motorola Razr, but HP has plans to strengthen the screen.

HP foldable

It is since 2016 with the HP Elite X3 that the company has ventured into a smartphone. Still, that’s not to say HP will stay on the sidelines forever. For example, a company like Microsoft proves that after the disappearance of Windows Phone, an Android phone with two screens is released: the Surface Duo.

Microsoft is going for a remarkable device with two screens, but HP also seems to have plans to take the plunge again in the brand new product category of the foldable. LetsGoDigital has discovered a patent application from HP for a phone with a folding screen. The panel folds into clamshell shape like the Motorola Razr 5G. Only a handful of companies have entered the foldable phone market at this point and there are still many opportunities for new players as a result.HP is working on a foldable

Auxetic materials

HP’s patent mostly refers to the technology and the renders in this article are purely illustrative. Still, we find that HP has ideas for making folding screens a bit more durable, and that’s one of the challenges manufacturers are struggling with today. Samsung, for example, launched all of its Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) as an innovation for better scratch resistance.HP_working_foldable

HP, on the other hand, wants to make screens more resistant to folding, and the company wants to do that by using auxetic materials. These are materials that become thicker when you stretch them, which is special because most materials become thinner when you stretch them.

We also discover that HP wants to place the necessary sensors in the hinge so that a phone can take into account the degree to which the display is open in the software. So you can use apps if the panel is only half-open. Google recently proposed such a feature with the launch of Android 11.

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