How to hp laptop battery replacement

Replacing an HP laptop battery is often necessary if the battery is already several years old. On average, a laptop battery from HP lasts about 3 years. After this, it becomes defective or the battery life becomes so short that the laptop is actually tied to the mains power. Of course, this is not the intention of a laptop. Therefore, replacing the HP laptop battery is the best choice for most users. How to Hp Laptop Battery Replacement.?

What you should pay attention to when replacing your HP laptop battery

A number of things are important to find the right replacement HP laptop battery as quickly as possible. The list below shows in order which points are most important when looking for and purchasing a replacement HP laptop battery.

1. Laptop model number

It is a good idea to do some research when replacing the battery. In the first instance, it is wise to know which laptop model you have exactly. In most cases, you will find this model on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker. An example of such a model number is 15-ab140nd. If you search on this number, you will quickly find your laptop model in our system and thus the correct battery.

2. Battery part number (s)

In most cases, the battery is provided with several part numbers. You will find this on the label when you have removed the battery from the laptop. For an HP battery, the most prominent part number is the number at the top left of the battery label. This is a four or six-digit letter combination.

Some examples are the MU06, PI06 and NP03XL. There are also often family numbers that start with HSTNN-. An example of this is HSTNN-LB60. You can search our handy search function to find the right replacement HP laptop battery quickly and easily.Hp Laptop Battery Replacement

Finally, there is the HP Spare number – this is sometimes on the label and in many cases on a separate white sticker. It is often preceded by ‘Replace with HP Spare:’. Examples of these numbers are 593553-001, 484170-001 and 710416-001.

3. The voltage of the battery (volts)

The voltage is determined by the number of cells per group in the battery. The voltage is expressed in volts (V) and can always be found at the battery. The voltage should roughly match the voltage of your original HP battery. If it deviates, the battery may not function properly in your laptop. Batteries and laptops are protected so that a battery with the wrong voltage can never damage your laptop.

It is important to know that the voltage can always deviate by about 10%. For example, 7.2V – 7.4V is the same, 10.8V – 11.1V is the same and 14.4V – 14.8V is the same. There is no problem with these numbers. So you can always replace a 10.8V battery with an 11.1V battery or vice-versa.

4. Battery capacity (milliamp-hours)

The capacity of a replacement laptop battery determines how long the laptop can be without power. This is expressed in milliamp-hours (mAh). The higher this capacity, the longer you can use the laptop without power. This may always deviate from your original battery, but note that if it is much lower then you can notice this in the battery life. In most cases, a replacement battery has a maximum of 10% less capacity than your original battery. In practice, this difference is hardly noticeable.

In some cases, we also offer extended batteries that have up to 100% extra capacity compared to the normal or original laptop battery. These batteries often protrude a bit at the bottom, so that the laptop is placed higher. However, this allows you to use the laptop on the road without power for much longer before it has to be recharged.

How to replace an HP laptop battery

How to replace the battery may differ per laptop model. Most older laptops (approximately until 2013) are all equipped with a standard battery. This battery is visible on the bottom of the laptop and can easily be replaced with a few sliders. New models, especially ultrabooks and Chromebooks, feature an internal battery that is considerably more difficult to replace. This often requires the laptop to be unscrewed.

Replace standard HP laptop battery

  1. Turn off the laptop completely.
  2. Disconnect the adapter/charger from the laptop.
  3. Close the screen/lid of the laptop.
  4. Turn the laptop over so you can see the bottom of the laptop.
  5. Look for one or more sliders on the bottom.
  6. Determine which way the sliders must go to release.
  7. Set and keep the sliders in the open position.
  8. Lift or slide the battery out of the laptop.
  9. Insert the new laptop battery in the same way as the old one.
  10. Turn the laptop over again and open the lid.
  11. Reconnect the adapter to the laptop.
  12. Restart the laptop.

See also the following YouTube video from HP itself, which shows how you can easily replace a traditional standard battery from HP yourself.

Replace internal HP laptop battery

An internal laptop battery from HP is not that easy to replace. Many Chromebooks and ultrabooks from HP in recent years have been released with this type of battery. If you have a laptop with an internal battery and are in the process of replacing it, please refer to the HP site or the manual of your laptop.

Here you will often find the steps to take to replace the battery. Are you going to unscrew the laptop? Then keep in mind that it is sensitive electronic equipment and that you first discharge yourself statically and handle the equipment with care. Broadly speaking, the following steps usually replace the internal battery.

  1. Turn off the laptop completely.
  2. Disconnect the adapter/charger from the laptop.
  3. Close the screen/lid of the laptop.
  4. Turn the laptop over so you can see the bottom of the laptop.
  5. Loosen the screws to remove the cover.
  6. Remove the cover from the bottom of the laptop.
  7. Determine where the battery is and how it is attached (cable and possibly screws),
  8. Disconnect the cable securing the battery to the motherboard.
  9. Loosen any screws that secure the battery.
  10. Lift or slide the battery out of the laptop.
  11. Insert the new laptop battery in the same way as the old one.
  12. Replace any screws that used to secure the old battery.
  13. Tighten any screws to secure the battery.
  14. Connect the cable from the new battery to the motherboard.
  15. Replace the cover.
  16. Retighten all the cover screws.
  17. Turn the laptop over again and open the lid.
  18. Reconnect the adapter to the laptop.
  19. Restart the laptop.

See also the following YouTube video where an internal laptop battery of an HP ZBook G3 Mobile Workstation is replaced. This is an example of an internal battery. Keep in mind that the process differs per laptop.

When you need to replace an HP laptop battery

If you are on this page you probably already know that you need to replace your HP laptop battery. Still not sure? The following points are the most important indications that the HP laptop battery does indeed need to be replaced.

1. The laptop indicates it

If Windows (or another operating system) gives the message that the battery needs to be replaced (for example, ‘Consider replacing the battery’), you can generally assume this. Especially if you have had the battery for several years, it is likely that this message is correct.

2. The battery is very quickly empty

Over time, an HP laptop battery can store less and less charge. At a certain point, you are therefore tied to the mains power. You can still try to limit the number of background programs or set the laptop to power saving. Please note that this can reduce the performance of the laptop. Doesn’t this help? Then the battery is definitely due for replacement.

3. The battery is no longer charging

Does the battery suddenly stop charging when nothing has been changed? Then it may be defective. First rule out that it is not the adapter by testing with another adapter. If this is not the problem, the battery is probably defective. You can also try reinstalling the ACPI drivers or updating the BIOS. Especially if you have done a new Windows or Windows update, this may be the solution. Doesn’t this help? Then you are ready for a new HP laptop battery.

4. The HP laptop no longer turns on

The battery may be blocking the entire laptop. In this case, try to remove the battery and boot the laptop only on the adapter. If this still does not work, you can try to hold the power button for about 30 seconds while the laptop is not connected to the charger and there is no battery in it.

Then it is possible that the laptop switches on again with the battery in and the adapter connected. Does the laptop still not turn on even on the adapter? Then your adapter may be defective and not your battery. If the laptop works properly on the adapter, your battery is defective.

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