‘Huawei has not yet launched a high-end Kirin processor, this is why’

Huawei has not launched its latest high-end Kirin processor at the IFA tech fair in Berlin in recent weeks as usual. Why is that the case and what happens behind the scenes?

Huawei Kirin chipset

Last week, the annual IFA tech fair took place in Berlin and Huawei held a press conference at that important event, just like in previous years. Still, you couldn’t read about it on Techlargest this year, and that’s because Huawei hasn’t announced anything either.

The brand spoke primarily about its position in Europe to which the company attaches great importance, but nothing appeared on the upcoming Kirin processor as it has been in other years.Huawei has not yet launched a high-end Kirin processor

Nevertheless, the first information about the new high-end chipset that will be called Kirin 1000 or Kirin 9000 has already leaked. Huawei will release the world’s first processor with the Mate 40 series that works with a more efficient 5-nanometer architecture, which is an important step for the company.

After the press conference at IFA started, the brand also confirmed to Techlargest that the high-end chipset is coming, but the Chinese press is now coming out with more information about Huawei’s silence at IFA.

‘Distract attention’

Huawei is suffering from new sanctions in the United States that prevent Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC from producing chips for Huawei any longer. Those sanctions will take effect from September 14, by which time TSMC is trying to complete an order of 15 million copies for Huawei.

It is still uncertain that the chip builder will meet that deadline, and that is why Huawei would prefer not to draw too much attention to the chipset. This week, Huawei is also holding its Developer Conference and the company may say more about the processor in the midst of other announcements.

We recently heard more about the expected specifications and prices of the Mate 40 Pro. You discover it here. Are you looking forward to the launch of the Mate 40 and the Mate 40 Pro? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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