P30 Pro vs P40 Pro: Huawei’s old and new top device compared

Huawei’s new and old flagship differ little from each other, except when it comes to software. In Huawei P30 Pro vs Huawei P40 Pro, we list the main differences.

Huawei P30 Pro vs Huawei P40 Pro

We tested the Huawei P30 Pro in April 2019, its successor exactly one year later. In those 12 months, a lot has happened to the Huawei company. That turbulent period leaves its mark in the software of the P40 Pro. That difference and five more deviations are discussed in this article.

1. Software: Android 10, but different

Software is the big difference between the P30 Pro and P40 Pro. Both devices run on Android 10, but the similarities end there. The P40 Pro comes without Google’s Android certification, which is a huge disadvantage for most users.Software Android 10, but different

The smartphone lacks all Google apps and services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and the Play Store. Apps should be downloaded instead of AppGallery, Huawei’s app store itself. This works fine in itself, but is not nearly as complete and useful as Google’s Play Store.

Phone Clone allows you to transfer apps from your old smartphone to your P40 Pro, but updating takes a lot of time. With the P30 Pro, you don’t have this problem. This device ‘just’ has all Google apps and services. Android Planet has asked Huawei whether the P30 Pro will be updated to Android 11, but has not yet received a reply.

2. Price

The P30 Pro came out last year and has since dropped in price. For about 549 euros you get a separate Huawei P30 Pro with 128GB storage. Its successor has only just hit stores, so it is logically more expensive. For a separate Huawei P40 Pro (with 256GB storage) you currently pay about 950 euros.

3. Excellent cameras, but no big difference

Huawei has always bet on camera quality with the P-phones. In our Huawei P30 Pro review from 2019, we were therefore very pleased with the snapshots of the device. “The Huawei P30 Pro takes smartphone photography to the next level,” the headline of the article said.Excellent cameras, but no big difference

The P40 Pro builds on that strong foundation. The cameras are slightly more refined and therefore deliver better pictures, but the difference with its predecessor is not huge. That is striking, because the P40 Pro has significantly improved on paper.

Huawei P40 Pro Huawei P30 Pro
50-megapixel main camera 40-megapixel main camera
Ultra-wide-angle 40 megapixel lens Ultra wide-angle 20-megapixel lens
12-megapixel zoom lens with 5x optical zoom 8-megapixel zoom lens with 5x optical zoom
ToF sensor for 3D images ToF sensor for 3D images

4. More screen, same dimensions

With its 6.47-inch screen, the Huawei P30 Pro does not have a small screen, but its successor takes it a step further. The Huawei P40 Pro has a 6.58-inch display. And that’s great, because the two devices are almost the same size.

More than 91 percent of the front of the Huawei P40 Pro consists of actively used screens. This is more than 88 percent for its predecessor. The differences are also small in terms of dimensions. The P40 Pro is almost the same length and width. However, with 9 millimeters it is slightly ‘thicker’ than the P30 Pro, which gets stuck at 8.4 millimeters.

5. Processor: Kirin 990 vs 980

In terms of cameras and screen size, the old and new gatekeepers from Huawei do not differ much from each other. We can extend that line to the specifications. Both have a Huawei-made octa-core processor, but that of the P40 Pro is slightly newer.More screen, same dimensions

The new flagship has the Kirin 990 chip, an improved version of the Kirin 980 processor from the P30 Pro. In theory, the former is faster, but whether you notice the difference in practice is very questionable. Both processors are speed samples. Playing games is therefore no problem, there is no waiting time when opening apps, and watching movies is also a snap.

6. Ready for the future with 5G

Elaborating on the different processors; the Kirin 990 chip of the Huawei P40 Pro has 5G support. This allows you to get started with the first version of the 4G successor. At the moment you cannot get the full 5G experience in the Netherlands, but with the P40 Pro, you are at least ready. The P30 Pro only has 4G.

7. Conclusion: Huawei P30 Pro is better to buy

All in all, the Huawei P30 Pro and P40 Pro hardly differ from each other. The new edition has a slightly better processor, more impressive cameras on paper, and is ready for 5G. The (already impressive) screen ratio has also slightly improved.

In contrast, the P40 Pro has a huge disadvantage in the software field. The lack of Google apps and services is a significant limitation for the average consumer compared to other Android phones.

You do not have this problem with the P30 Pro, although the update policy of this device is also not firm. It is not clear whether this device will be updated to Android 11 and if so, when.

If you do not find this important and are looking for a phone with impressive cameras, fast performance, and a hefty screen, the Huawei P30 Pro is the best choice for most people. The P40 Pro is better on all fronts, but costs hundreds of euros more. In terms of price-quality, the P30 Pro is therefore without doubt a better deal.

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