Huawei P40 Lite review: three tech largest readers get started (ADV)

Recently, three tech largest readers have been working extensively with the Huawei P40 Lite. We have bundled all those experiences and you can read in this extensive Huawei P40 Lite review.

Huawei P40 Lite review

Recently we were looking for three people who wanted to share experiences with the tech largest audience about the Huawei P40 Lite. The winners were chosen in mid-June and the devices were sent immediately. We are now a week and a half further and so it is time for their bundled P40 Lite experiences.

Test it

The testers with different technical knowledge have taken care of their device and paid attention to various points. Other noticeable features of the P40 Lite are of course also explained. Tester Rob calls himself a light user and has used the new device in addition to his current P20 Lite and an iPad.

Joyce – medium user – normally only uses Samsung smartphones and reviewer Tuur, who labels himself as a tech-savvy, has of course been working hard on the P40 Lite.

For clarity, what we understand by these terms:

  • I am a ‘light user’: for me, the basic functions are important, such as calling/texting, WhatsApp, news, and the internet.
  • I am an average smartphone user: I use various apps but do not technically dive into them.
  • I am tech-savvy: I know all about tech and operating systems and use my phone for literally everything.

Overall performance is good

The overall performance of the device is excellent, says Tour. Playing different games is no problem and Joyce also calls that, although Candy Crush is of course not the most heavy game there is.

She also says that multitasking is no problem. Switching between the internet and YouTube, for example, is no problem. EMUI, the skin over Android from Huawei itself, does not cause any problems, says Tour. However, the device sometimes gets a bit warm during an intensive game.

Rob also had no problems with regard to the overall performance of the device. In addition, he is the light user of the test panel, so he does not use heavy apps. However, the news was watched all day, the weather checked and messages and e-mails were handled with the device.

Huawei P20 Lite vs Huawei P40 Lite
Huawei P20 Lite vs Huawei P40 Lite – photo by Rob

Joyce also mentions that the menus work very nice and simple. She is also happy with the tips you get when you use the device for the first time.

Divided opinions about the P40 Lite design

Opinions differ slightly about the design. For example, Joyce thinks the design is fine and calls it nice that you can install all kinds of themes. Tuur thinks the design is beautiful, attractive and slim, but thinks the camera set-up looks a bit crazy.

Rob also mentions that the design of the device is not very special, but can certainly be called neat. In addition, he keeps the price of the device in mind. In addition to his P20 Lite, he finds the device cheaper. According to him, this is due to the smooth plastic back, which is somewhat reminiscent of a cover.

Installing apps and no Google services

Installing applications is easy via Phone Clone, which allows you to transfer apps from your old device to your new Huawei device. You also install applications via Huawei AppGallery, Huawei ‘s own app store. Also, Petal Search a good way to find popular apps and then install it.Installing apps and no Google services

Joyce mentions, as a person with average technical knowledge, that installing apps was very easy with the help of Phone Clone, so that she could start immediately. They used services such as YouTube or De Telegraaf via the (mobile) website, which did not cause any problems. She found the installation of Netflix a bit difficult, but thanks to Petal Search that was also successful.

Tuur thinks the AppGallery as a tech-savvy user is okay, but does not think the range of apps is large enough to call it good. Rob asks himself if there is a life after Google? The answer to that is currently yes and no. For some apps there are excellent alternatives, for others not (yet).

For example, he uses various Google apps such as Google Chrome. That was easily transferred via Phone Clone. YouTube does not work, but you can also use the web version. Rob prefers to use the iPad to watch videos.

Google Photos is a difficult case, because that app does not work and there is no good alternative. The same goes for Google Nest. Finally, he also mentions Rabo Wallet, which he did not get working during the review period.

Joyce found it quite exciting to test a device without Google services. However, she has come back to that completely, because everything worked fine and smoothly in terms of installation and use of apps. Her conclusion about this part: “I didn’t even realize I didn’t have Google”.

Cameras are good for this price point

Tuur likes the photos taken with the P40 Lite better than the Samsung Galaxy A50. Joyce agrees and compares the photos with, among others, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Both testers find the sharpness very good and Joyce also finds the many possibilities a big plus.

Rob shares that opinion and was already pleased with the cameras on his P20 Lite. Now that satisfaction has increased somewhat again, he says. In addition, he thinks that there are few devices in this price range that can take such beautiful photos. All in all, you can easily and quickly take a good snapshot.

Joyce agrees and also took photos in lesser lighting conditions, which yielded beautiful images. Her just new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is almost the same in terms of photos, she finally says.

Battery is very good, fast charging is nice

All three reviewers are very pleased with the battery performance of the device. Rob loves the battery life and Tuur agrees. In addition, the included fast charger is mentioned as a big plus. Rob mentions that charging is incredibly fast and that fifteen minutes on the charger is enough to be able to continue half a day ahead.

Joyce also shares that opinion as a mediocre user. Despite the fact that she uses her phone a lot, she has nothing to complain about the battery. Thus, a day and a half without charging with intensive use was no problem for her. Rob did another quick load test. The device was charged from 14 to 90 percent in 40 minutes.

You’re still wonders if it is good in the long term for the battery, to charge as fast with the 40 Watt charger. However, this should not be a problem due to the various techniques used, the manufacturer assures us.

Other pros and cons Huawei P40 Lite

The fingerprint scanner can be found in the side and does not cause any problems for Joyce and Rob. The scanner works fast and always, but Rob finds the place a bit less intuitive than on the back of his P20 Lite. Your thinks the scanner does not always work well and he also mentions that with facial recognition. Joyce disagrees and also thinks that this form of security works well.

Rob lacks a physical LED for incoming notifications and Joyce sometimes finds the sound of the speaker a bit shrill. Ture thinks it is a great sound, but stereo speakers wouldn’t have looked out of place, of course.

The screen is also nice to look at, according to the testers. Your calls it a good screen and the small hole in front of the camera does not bother anyone.

Conclusion Huawei P40 Lite review

Major negatives were not found by Joyce. She is also considering bringing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra back and going for a Huawei P40 Pro. According to her, that says enough how she finds the device: “Because I’ve already had Samsung since the Samsung Galaxy S3”. Tuur omits an extensive conclusion and all the pluses and minuses mentioned are already in the above review.

Rob concludes in his conclusion that it is still a great phone for a great price. The lack of Google is sometimes difficult, but on the other hand it is also interesting. This way you can look at other options for apps that you are used to. There are not alternatives for everything, he says. Google Photos is mentioned again, because that app is part of an ever-expanding Google household.

Rob, as a light user, still has a difficult question whether he would recommend the P40 Lite. In his case, this works fine thanks to the presence of an iPad, alternative apps and a different way of working. If he only owns the smartphone, he would still drop out for the time being. He thinks it is a pity: “because I think it’s a super fine device”.

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