Huawei Pay payment service is coming to Europe this year

Huawei will be introducing Huawei Pay in Europe this year, which is a payment service that will allow you to make contactless payments with Huawei devices. It is not yet known whether the service will also come.

Huawei Pay

Many Huawei phones appear with their own Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) instead of the trusted Google apps, so Huawei wants to ensure that as many apps as possible work in its ecosystem. In addition, it also offers its own services such as Huawei Music that should serve as an alternative to YouTube Music and Spotify.

In an interview with, William Tian, ​​the head of the German branch of Huawei, has now announced that the company must push forward its Huawei Pay payment service in Europe this year. Huawei Pay lets you pay contactless with your smartphone, as it works with Google Pay. In several European countries, including Belgium, Google Pay has been active for some time, and for users, the lack of that service is therefore a loss on new Huawei phones.huawei pay europe

In the same interview, Tian is convinced that sales of the P40 series are also going well in Germany and that users can taste the phones even without the Google services. “This is partly because important apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp can still be used, but also because we can build our software infrastructure so quickly. I am therefore very satisfied,” said the German CEO.


William Tian states that Huawei pay will come to Germany and Europe this year, but it is not known whether the phone will also come. Yet it is not inconceivable that we will pay in the with Huawei Pay rather than with Google Pay.

What do you think of the speed with which Huawei is rolling out its own alternatives? Do you think it will be able to convince users to get started with HMS? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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