Huawei Watch 3 (Pro) official: premium watch works on Harmony OS

Huawei announces a new smartwatch: the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. The watch has a round screen and it is the first to work with its own Harmony OS that can also work on smartphones and other smart devices. So the Watch 3 gets a new interface, but also a temperature meter and eSIM functionality.

Huawei Watch 3 (Pro)

No ‘Huawei Watch GT 3’, but just a ‘Huawei Watch’, that is the name of the new watch that is being presented. It’s been since 2017 that we’ve seen the Watch 2 with Wear OS, and since then Huawei has treated us to the Watch GT range that came with its own Lite OS and was also better received. Huawei says it has improved the smartwatch experience over the past four years.

The Watch 3 Pro with its Elite finish

Huawei Watch 3 (Pro) official

Harmony OS Watch

Lite OS now has to make way for Harmony OS. Huawei’s operating system should work on all kinds of smart devices. The watch can work with third-party Harmony OS apps, and the watch can also manage smart home devices that work with Harmony OS. The Watch 3 has also received a new interface that now shows all apps in a grid instead of a long list.

You can zoom in on the screen by turning the crown on the right of the steel housing. Below that crown is another button for operation. The round screen that Huawei uses is a 1.43 inch AMOLED panel that can display a high brightness of up to 1000 nits.

Different watch faces

harmony os watch 3

eSIM and temperature gauge

The Watch 3 is equipped with new health functions and technology that should make the watch smarter. You can make phone calls thanks to an integrated microphone and speaker, and the watch can also function completely independently of your smartphone. This is due to a mobile connection via eSIM. The watch can, among other things, stream music itself via the Huawei Music app, but it is not known whether the feature will also work in the Netherlands.

The Watch 3 also comes with high-quality haptic feedback and it contains all kinds of sports functions and sensors. In addition to the already known functions such as the heart rate monitor, the SpO2 blood oxygen meter, the speedometer and the option to take an ECG, Huawei now comes with a temperature sensor. It measures the temperature of your skin to inform you of sudden temperature changes. Although Huawei does state that the function cannot yet replace a thermometer.

Different variants of the Huawei Watch 3

harmony os watch 3 pro

Prices and availability

The Huawei Watch 3 comes in different versions: The Pro version in Classic form with a brown leather strap and the Elite with an all-steel finish. The regular Huawei Watch comes with a silicone strap. it is not yet known how much the watches will cost and when they will be available.

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