Hyphen 2: Affordable earphones with lots of extras

Rolling Square recently launched the Hyphen 2 wireless earbuds. The second version of the Hyphen wireless earbuds are again the result of a successful campaign on Kickstarter.

The earbuds have a modern design, the inspiration for the design is clearly derived from Apple’s AirPods. The Hyphen 2 ears are available in three different colours, with the red variant being the most striking. The earbuds come standard with a wirelessly rechargeable charging case, which means that battery life of 36 hours can be achieved.


  1. Hyphen 2 design
  2. Bluetooth connection
  3. Touch operation
  4. Battery life
  5. Sound quality
  6. Conclusion Hyphen 2
  7. Where to buy it?

Hyphen 2 design

The Hyphen 2 earbuds look sleek and modern due to a combination of a glossy and matte finish. The earplugs are made of ABS plastic and available in the colors Etna grey, Canyon red and Himalaya pink. The outside of the matte-finished earplugs are equipped with a kind of stems that the AirPods also have.Hyphen 2

The top of the high-gloss part is equipped with a touch-sensitive sensor. You can perform all kinds of actions via this sensor, such as adjusting the volume and, for example, taking a phone call. Small grilles are placed at the top and bottom, behind which are microphones, the so-called Quad-Mic system.

The earbuds come with a set of 6 different ear tips (ear tips). Three FHS silicone caps and three foam caps. These should ensure a good fit for each ear.Hyphen 2 2

You can only find out which tips fit your ear best by trying out the different tips. The silicone tips are slightly harder, so the tips may push themselves out of your ear when you move. The foam caps are softer and stay in place better. But this is really a personal preference, with 6 variants there is always one that fits perfectly in your ear. If you have found the right cap, the ambient noise is kept to a minimum.

The earpiece design also includes holes (anti-pressure holes) to relieve pressure in your ears. This makes wearing the earbuds feel more natural and doesn’t feel like walking around with a stethoscope on your head all day.caps-hyphen-2-FHS

Thanks to the IP55 classification, you can use the earphones during a rain shower (not in the shower). In addition, this classification also protects them against the ingress of dust and sweat.

Bluetooth connection

Pairing the earbuds via Bluetooth 5 is easy and simple. All you have to do is remove the earbuds from the case. Wait a few seconds for the white LED to stop flashing, then activate the pairing process on the iPhone (or other devices). Once paired, the earbuds are automatically connected to your phone when you remove it from the charging case.

You can connect the earphones to one device, if you want to use the earphones with multiple devices, you must manually disconnect and establish the connection on the other device.Hyphen 2 3

The Hyphen 2 wireless earbuds make their wireless connection using Bluetooth 5. According to the manufacturer, the connection reaches a maximum of 30 meters, in our opinion that is very optimistic and only feasible in lab conditions. 15 meters was not a problem. Compared to other wireless earbuds, this is already above average, 10 meters is often the standard.

Touch operation

As previously reported, the HYPHEN 2 earphones are equipped with touch control. The sensors for this are located at the top of the smooth surface of the stems. With the touch controls you can play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, answer/end calls and activate Siri.

The touch operation is sensitive, perhaps a little too sensitive. For example, when you place the earphones in your ear, you will notice that you quickly unintentionally activate the playback and pause function several times.

There are 9 different touch functions available and that is too much. Memorizing the functions and associated actions is tricky. Especially in the beginning, the touch operation can be very frustrating, the sensitivity of the touch sensor plays a major role in this.hyphen operate

If you use the earphones for a longer period of time, the operation is better, although it still prevents you from jumping to the previous song instead of turning the volume down. It simply remains much more convenient to use your iPhone yourself for this.

The HYPHEN 2 earphones also have support for voice assistants. You can activate Siri by tapping the left or right earbud three times. If you do this a little too slowly, the previous song will be played, the touch operation remains difficult…


The earbuds have a built-in battery (48 mAh) with an operating time of 9 hours. This long service life is partly due to the use of passive noise cancellation using the FHS and foam tips.

You can use the earbuds for almost a whole working day, and you can fully charge both earbuds up to 3x via the included charging case. Then the charging case must of course be fully charged. After 15 minutes of charging in the charging case, the earphones have a battery life of 6 hours.hyphen 2 review

You can charge the charging case using a USB-C cable, a luxury USB-C to USB-A cable is included as standard. In addition, it is also possible to charge the charging case wirelessly using a wireless Qi charger.

With the help of an LED on the charging case (500 mAh) you can see the status of the battery life. You have to tap the side of the case twice to activate the LED. This is possible because a Gyroscopic Sensor has been added to the charging case.

By the way, you can also see the current battery status on your iPhone. Since iOS 14, this status function is also supported for non-Apple products.

Sound quality

For optimal sound quality, it is important that you place the right earplugs on the earphones. The sound experience is largely determined by the fit of the earphones. Because six pairs of earplugs are included, there is always one that fits nicely in your ear.

The Hyphen 2 uses a Qualcomm chipset and aptX, this technology produces an all-around neutral and pleasant sound. aptX compresses and decompresses audio for transmission over Bluetooth without loss of quality.Hyphen chip 1

The bass (low tones) are not dominant, so the earphones are not only suitable for listening to music. Watching a movie or listening to a podcast is also fine. Personally, I think the earpiece sounds fine, but that’s purely a personal taste.


Hyphen 2 wireless earbuds

The Hyphen 2 use passive noise reduction, which in itself is not really a high-tech solution. You put the earphones in your ear and the FHS or foam caps close your ear, that’s how simple passive noise reduction works.

The sound that the Hyphen 2 earphones produce is neutral without a lot of bass, making them suitable for all-round use and not only for listening to music. Even at a lower volume, the sound sounds full, something that other ears sometimes have problems with.

The better the earbuds fit in your ear, the better the sound will sound. So take the time to try out all the caps. Whether the sound quality is sufficient for you is largely a matter of personal taste.

Additional features such as a battery life of 36 hours and Qi compatible charging case are standard. The touch operation takes some practice to master.

In the price range (€100 to €120), the Hyphen 2 earphones perform well and you get functions that are normally only available in a more expensive price range.

yes Very long battery life

yes Includes Qi wireless charging case

yes Good, solid and neatly finished design

yes Great all-round sound quality

yes IP55 classification protection against a rain shower.

no The FHS caps are quite hard, wearing them will not be pleasant for everyone

no No automatic pause function when removing the earphones

no The touch operation is quite sensitive

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