HYPHEN In-Ear Earphones and Qi charger

The AirPods are very popular among Apple users, the disadvantage is the fairly high purchase price. If you want to purchase the AirPods with the option for wireless charging, you pay a considerable extra amount for this.

The HYPHEN wireless earbuds deliver great performance with extra added features to set the earbuds apart from the competition. With the help of touch sensors, you can operate the headset and even activate Siri. A great alternative to Apple’s AirPods!

AirPods alternative HYPHEN Wireless Qi charger

Physically, the HYPHEN white earbuds resemble AirPods. That’s mainly because they have an extended antenna that protrudes from the earpiece. The similarity with the AirPods disappears when you choose the black or gray versions. The earplugs are made of a hard type of plastic and the touch part feels like it is made of glass.

The HYPHEN wireless headset uses a touch control system. These types of systems use digital touch sensors, no different from the kind of technology behind your iPhone / iPad screen. So you don’t have to feel for small physical buttons, you can fully operate the earplugs with the help of tap patterns.

HYPHEN Wireless Qi charger

The earbuds have an integrated wireless charging function. If you want to charge the earphones, place them in the supplied case. It is equipped with a battery and can fully charge both earphones up to 5x. When the battery of the charging case is empty, you can place it via the USB cable or on a wireless QI charger to recharge it.HYPHEN Qi charger

With the HYPHEN Wireless charger, you can charge the case of the earphones wirelessly. Unlike most competitors, this Qi-compatible charger is not made of plastic but made of an aluminium alloy. You can of course also use the charger to charge your iPhone. The maximum power of the charger is 10W.

Like the earphones, the Wireless charger is available in black and white. Please note that no power adapter is included with the charger. You can connect the charger to the standard iPhone power adapter.

HYPHEN Black Friday 2020 offers

The regular sales price of the HYPHEN earphones is € 89.95 and for the HYPHEN Wireless Charger € 29.95.

During the Black Friday week, you will receive a € 10.00 discount on both the HYPHEN earphones and the HYPHEN Wireless Charger. This makes the earphones for sale for € 79.95 and the wireless charger for € 79.95.

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