iCloud+: you get these extra features with a paid iCloud membership

iCloud+ is Apple’s latest paid service, where additional functions are available in areas such as privacy. We explain what iCloud+ is when Apple will launch it and what the price of iCloud+ is.

Apple offers anyone with an Apple ID free access to iCloud to sync contacts, photos, documents, files, calendars, and more. Everyone gets 5GB of free storage for storing your photo library, documents, and backups. But at Apple, you can also opt for extra storage. Starting this fall, an iCloud account with additional paid storage will be known as iCloud+. So you get a number of other extra functions in addition to extra storage. In this article, you can read what iCloud+, also known as iCloud Plus, has to offer.

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What is iCloud+?

iCloud Plus is the paid version of iCloud. Apple doesn’t have a separate name for it yet, but later this year everyone who already pays for iCloud will be transferred to iCloud+. The paid version of iCloud offers five extra features, which you can use as soon as iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey become available.

Nothing will change for existing users of the free version of iCloud. iCloud is and will remain free to use for synchronizing data and storing files online (up to 5GB).

iCloud Plus Features: What’s New

As mentioned, iCloud+ offers five extra functions, on top of all the possibilities of the free iCloud subscription. Here are the features you get when you subscribe to iCloud Plus:

  • Additional storage
  • Private Relay
  • Hide my Email
  • Domain
  • HomeKit Secure Video

Additional storage

As with the current form of the paid iCloud membership, you get extra online storage with iCloud+. There is a choice of three options:

  • 50GB
  • 200GB
  • 2TB

The versions with 200GB and 2TB can also be shared with the family. You can read exactly how that works in our tip about sharing iCloud storage. iCloud+ will not change that.

Private Relay in iCloud+

Private Relay is a new feature of iCloud+. It is a new service (a kind of VPN) that makes browsing in Safari even more secure. Your internet traffic is encrypted, so no one can see which websites you visit. As a result, no one can use your IP address, location and other browsing activities to track you and build a profile of you. Private Relay is thus an improved way of private browsing. We are not sure yet if it will work with other browsers on iPhone, iPad and Mac.What is iCloud+

Hide my Email

Hide my Email is kind of an extension of Sign in with Apple. At Sign in with Apple, you could already choose to use any email address, which forwards the emails you receive to your own personal email address. From now on you can create a new random e-mail address at any time, which is linked to your own personal e-mail address. In the settings, you will also find all previously created email addresses of Log in with Apple.

Create your own domain

Another extra function for your e-mail address is that you can create your own domain name. In that case, you do not choose an @icloud .com address for your personal e-mail, but your own chosen name in the place behind the the sign. For example, think of your last name, so that you can make your e-mail address even more personal. We don’t know if there are any limits to the number of domain names you can set. In any case, you can invite family members to use the same domain for their email address.

HomeKit Secure Video: Now with More Cameras

HomeKit Secure Video is a pre-existing feature for capable security cameras in HomeKit. With HomeKit Secure Video, you get extensive recording options (like being able to record while you’re away and only stream when you’re at home), with all recordings stored securely in iCloud. These recordings do not count towards your iCloud storage, but you do need the paid iCloud membership for them. Apple uses these limits from iOS 15 :

  • 50GB: 1 camera
  • 200GB: 5 cameras
  • 2TB: Unlimited Cameras

Video, what do you need to use it and which cameras support it? We figured it out for you!

What does iCloud+ cost?

Apple uses the same prices for iCloud+ as is now the case with the paid version of iCloud. These are the prices you will pay:

  • 50GB: €0.99 per month
  • 200GB: €2.99 per month
  • 2TB: €9.99 per month

iCloud+ is also part of Apple One, the all-in-1 subscription that now also includes the paid iCloud subscription. If you are already subscribed to Apple One, you will be automatically transferred to the new iCloud paid plan.

When will iCloud Plus be available?

iCloud+ is part of iOS 15 and the other software updates. These appear in the autumn, probably somewhere in mid-September. From that moment on, iCloud+ will also be available. But not all functions can be used immediately. Apple says the Hide My Email feature won’t be added in a separate iOS 15 software update until later this year.

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