This way, the screen of the iMac (2020) is always easy to read

The screen of the brand new iMac 2020 can be expanded with nanotextured glass. This layer prevents reflections, which is ideal for professional users. That is how it works.

iMac 2020 screen has nanotextured glass: that’s how it works

This week Apple surprised by suddenly announcing a new 27-inch iMac. Normally, in the run-up to such a revelation, all kinds of rumors leak, such as with the iPhone 12, but that was not the case with the new Apple desktop. The upgrade compared to the iMac from 2019 is also modest, except for the screen.iMac 2020 anti-reflective screen works

Not only does the iMac 2020 have True Tone, which makes colors look more realistic, you can also have a layer of nanotexture applied to the glass for an additional fee. This layer gives the screen a matte finish, instead of a glossy touch. Such a nanotextured glass layer ensures that you have less problems with reflection, because it is anti-reflective.

This is how nanotexture works

Most matte computer screens are coated. This layer ‘scatters’ the light, which reduces the contrast. You also often get a glittering blur on the screen, which is not useful when you work a lot with image editing, photos and videos. After all, colors must then look as natural as possible.

imac 2020 nanotexture
Sample photo of how nanotexture works.

The nano-texture layer of the iMac 2020 is very precisely (at the nanometer level) carved into the glass of the desktop. As a result, reflection is kept to a minimum and the image quality is maintained. Reflective light is less likely to bounce off the screen.

Sample photo of how nanotexture works.

It is the first time that the iMac has been equipped with a nanotextured glass layer. Until recently, the ‘function’ was exclusively reserved for the Pro Display XDR. Apple announced this high-quality display at the end of 2019 simultaneously with the Mac Pro, the most powerful Apple computer of the moment. Such a Pro Display XDR is not cheap: it costs no less than 6,500 euros.

Buy iMac (2020)

It is a lot cheaper to buy an iMac (2020) with nanotextured glass. The upgrade costs 625 euros. For the new iMac entry-level model, which costs 2099 euros without extras, you will therefore lose 2724 euros. Check the price comparison below to filter on current offers when you buy an iMac.

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