iMac 2020 vs iMac 2019: 5 improvements in a row

Apple has officially unveiled the iMac (2020). The desktop has the same design as its predecessor, but has improved under the hood. In this article iMac 2020 vs iMac 2019, we’ll compare the two iMac models.

iMac 2020 vs iMac 2019 (5K)

Are you in the market for a new iMac and are you thinking of buying the brand new model? In this article, we compare the iMac (2020) with last year’s iMac. We consider the differences between the two and conclude with a purchase advice.

1. Screen

Both iMacs have a 5K screen with a razor-sharp resolution (5120 by 2880 pixels). The new model does have one nice asset up its sleeve: True Tone. The color temperature of the 27-inch screen therefore adapts to the amount of ambient light. In the dark the screen ‘mutes’, which is nicer in the evening.iMac 2020 vs iMac 2019 (5K)

You can also have a layer of nano-texture placed on the screen of the new iMac for an additional fee. This way you can read the screen in bright sunlight thanks to the anti-reflection coating.

2. Hardware

Every generation of Mac computers is slightly more powerful than the previous, including the most recent model. The iMac (2020) is powered by a tenth-generation Intel processor, while the 2019 iMac gets stuck on the eighth and ninth generations. The switch to Apple Silicon will therefore take a while. Both entry-level models have an Intel i5 processor (with 6 cores), but you can upgrade for an additional fee.

3. Built-in SSD

The basic model of the iMac (2020) has a 256GB SSD on board. This fast form of storage is ideal for when you regularly copy large files, such as video projects. The 5K iMac from 2019 has 1TB of ‘regular’ storage as standard, so moving large files takes longer. You can of course expand both models as desired with (more) SSD storage.

4. Camera

The brand new iMac is made for working from home. The Apple desktop has a full HD camera (1080p) for FaceTiming. Its predecessor is slightly less sharp with its 720p camera.iMac 2020 vs iMac 2019 5 improvements in a row

Furthermore, Apple claims that the 2020 iMac has a studio-quality microphone on board, which you can even use for recording podcasts. Naturally, this microphone listens for the “Siri” command, so you can use Apple’s voice assistant.

5. Security

Apple is also committed to safety with the new iMac. The desktop has a T2 chip built-in. This is separate from the normal processor and is responsible for processing and storing personal data, such as passwords and bank information. This chip is missing from the iMac (2019).

Purchase advice

The iMac (2020) has received a few nice upgrades. The desktop is faster thanks to the processor, the SSD storage is ideal for moving large files and the built-in microphone and camera are ideal for times when working from home is the norm.

On the other hand, a new design is not forthcoming. The new iMac has exactly the same design and continues largely on the same footing. If you are currently really ready for a new Apple desktop, the iMac (2020) is a great choice. If your current Mac can handle it for a while and if you prefer to wait for major changes, it is better to keep a close eye on things.

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