‘iMac will get a new design in 2021, but Face ID will follow later’

Apple has big plans for the MacBook this year, but the iMac would also get its biggest makeover in years. However, we have to wait even longer for support for Face ID.

‘iMac 2021 gets a new design, no Face ID yet’

That writes Bloomberg, one of the most reliable websites when it comes to Apple rumors. In addition to the MacBooks, Apple has not forgotten the iMac, according to this new message. The desktop would get a brand new design this year, with narrower screen edges and no ‘metal chin’ under the display anymore. With that, the design will probably look a lot like Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which you can see in the image below.

In addition to this new appearance, Apple would also work hard on support for Face ID and mobile internet. However, according to Bloomberg, these will take a while. Originally Face ID would have been planned for the iMac 2021, but Apple would need more time to apply the technology properly.iMac will get a new design in 2021,

It’s not the first time we’ve heard clues about Face ID’s coming to the Mac. For example, the code of macOS Big Sur already contains a reference to the technology.

Face ID lets you unlock a future iMac with your face. The Apple desktop is ideally suited for this because you automatically sit at the ideal distance from the screen to let the Face ID camera do its work. The introduction of mobile internet makes it possible to connect your desktop directly to the mobile network of providers, without having to use an iPhone as a hotspot.

The MacBook will also receive a major overhaul in 2021

We have recently written a lot about the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro coming this year. For example, both devices would return to the ease of use of the past, with all kinds of connections instead of just USB-C and the return of MagSafe. Want to know more about the new MacBook Pro? Check out our overview with the most important rumors below.

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