ING Banking update: new design allows you to navigate faster in the banking app

Are you an ING customer and do you use your smartphone for banking matters? The bank has given the ING Banking app a completely new design. This way you can navigate faster to the position you are looking for.

ING Banking 10.0: new design, faster navigation

A major update is available in the Play Store for the ING Banking app. We have now arrived at version 10.0 of the banking app and it has a new design. ING is leaving the hamburger menu on the side, which has been used for years. Instead, you will now see five shortcuts at the bottom of the app. This way you can quickly navigate to the right option you are looking for.

The first shortcut goes to ‘Overview’ and shows all accounts, including any savings accounts, credit cards, or insurance. Don’t want to see a certain account or change its name? Then click on the eye at the top right, where you can also set the order of accounts yourself. That feature was not present in previous versions of the app.ING Banking

In the top right corner you will also see a shortcut to the scanner, which you can use for internet payments. Finally, you will find your profile and other settings there. You can quickly adjust your personal details there, edit contacts in the address book, set push notifications, or arrange everything to pay with your smartphone.

Shortcuts in bottom bar

The second shortcut allows you to quickly go to your scheduled payment orders. There you will see not only the scheduled assignments, but also the declined ones. You can easily and quickly add an assignment via the plus in the top right corner. The third button takes you directly to payment requests, making it easy to request a refund from someone. This works the same as in the previous versions of the ING Banking app.

The fourth button is for ‘Products’, for example, you can think of credit cards, investing, saving, and insurance. This way you can quickly find information about a certain topic that you are interested in. Shopping with your ING interest points is not yet available via the app. Finally, the fifth option takes you to the Service tab. If you need some help from the bank, that’s the right choice.

In that menu you can quickly block your lost debit card or set a daily limit. You will also find necessary telephone numbers, for example, customer service or the emergency line. Options to adjust the shortcuts at the bottom are not available. If you do not or hardly use a certain shortcut, you can unfortunately not yet hide or replace it for another option.

Download ING Bankieren 10.0

The update now rolls for everyone and is available in the Play Store. You can download it easily and quickly via the link below. Do you think the new design is an improvement or not? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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